Guess Who’s Been Accepted to the University of Tennessee

I did a thing!

University of Tennessee Campuswpid-1030141906-1.jpg

I did a thing today! I got accepted to the University of Tennessee as an official transfer student! This month, I’ll finish up my orientation process and December will wrap up my last semester in community college. I’m so thankful to all my professors who helped me ease my way into college and build up some confidence. I am so excited to take everything I’ve learned so far and use it at UT. I know I’m going to knock em dead at the college of Communication and Information. Advertising is everything I’ve ever wanted to do. It is such a relief to see this next phase of my life inching closer!

All I’m saying is, keep your eyes out for my big break. I don’t care if it’s commercials, print, radio, web, PR.. I’m hoping this is my year for internships and making my mark. I’m not waiting around for opportunity to come to me – the next chance I get, I’ll be out there searching for my moment! It’s a cutthroat world and I can’t wait to blow everyone away!

See you on the little screen babes!

9 Essentials For Your Industrial Designed Home

Don’t get me wrong, I love frills and lace as much as the next girl. But sometimes, when you have to see it every single day, it gets a little old. However, there’s good news, even for us doily toting, cream with pop-of-color lovers!  Interior design is such a dynamic market, thank goodness, and over the past few years, designers have inspired hundreds of themes and options. The up and up lately is leaning towards a more industrial style.


And if I may say, they are looking GOOD! It’s an eye catching and unique route to go in your designs, gender neutral, and completely open for customization. I’m slowly getting charmed by the way cold industrial elements can mix with such warm and personal pieces. I’m looking forward to my next place, giving it a little wrought-iron lovin’! So for all us fans, here’s the 10 features to consider when designing your Industrial styled home.

1)Exposed brick. It may be tricky to find a place with exposed brick interiors, but it’s likely you’re on the right track. For some, that is a deal breaker. Many people don’t recognize the potential in a rusty, brown, greyish, or even multi-colored wall. Paired in the right way, you have an effortless conversation piece.

ind1 ind2

2)Color isn’t the enemy. While you want to embrace the monochromatic tones, you’ll wish you had more than grey in your life. Work in natural colors to highlight key aspects of the room.

ind9 ind11

3) Upcycle. The moment you start to see the value is that old rejected pieces, the moment you find a treasure. Be it a table, desk, filing system… old pipes and wires. Every item has a higher calling. You may have had the piece de resistance sitting under your nose all this time. There’s nothing a little elbow grease can’t polish up.

ind10 For a similar sheepskin please visit:

4)Experiment with light. Lamps and Chandeliers are some of the coolest room accents available because there is so much variety in the selection. Then there is the matter of where and how to hang it. Once installed/ you will see for yourself how big of a difference the smallest detail in lighting choices are. Even the minute details play a part in the room as a whole.

ind17 ind16

5) Signage. Interesting signs have always been a considered a classic smokestack accent. One eye catching sign is enough to tie together the whole room.

ind8 ind4

6) Iron and pipes. Maybe it’s the echo of the style’s inspiration. Iron features throughout the space reflect the original warehouse/factory’s design that you’re imitating. Plus they’re so neat looking!  Pipes alone can serve as hanging sources, visual art, and support beams for other things. Iron in general attracts the eye. Personally, I find these iron stairs to die for.

ind15 ind14 ind13

7) Open up the windows and let in the light. Unfortunately, we can’t all have dreamy clock tower lofts or full windowed walls, however, we can utilize the windows we have. Remember. We are going for modern industrial, not the early 1900’s labor dungeons. You want light, even a slight breeze to open up the space and keep it inviting and not too gloomy.

ind7 ind3

8) Incorporate the Clocks. I’m sure you’re still dreaming of the clock tower loft. There’s really something to be said about the visual appeal of the clock in a big space. Maybe it’s the symmetry or the way circular forms compliment everything. If you’ve got a cool clock, use it!

ind12 little-man vintage travel room. - No Fee Apartment Rentals in New York City.

9) Maps, Maps, and More Maps! These are so trendy in the industrial design theme now. Every example you find, you’ll see maps somewhere in the photo. Who doesn’t love the charm of a map though? It inspires, reminding us there is a big world out there. I feel like atlases are growing more popular with all the trending design themes actually. Can you blame them?

ind6 ind5

You’ll notice many of these rooms have common elements. Brick, Iron, Map, Sign, Light, Clock, Window – you can’t make this stuff up folks! You’re well on your way to a jaw dropping industrial designed home. All you need is your personal touch and you’ll be set to go! What else would you put in your Industrial home?

#NailedIt Ghost Peeps Brownies

top brownies with ghost Peeps at the last 10 min and brown | Home is Where the Boat Is

Raise your hand if you’ve ever dropped the ball on that potluck you signed up for…

You know the one.  Where everyone is probably going to bring their culinary A-Game to impress the crowd. There’s nothing worse than rolling up to the party and realizing, Oh Man! My Appetizer!

Luckily, I remembered the night before, at about 11:00pm. I cut it pretty close, right? So I did the standard girl thing and locked myself in the bedroom with my laptop and Pinterest. Look at these little cutie pies from Home Is Where The Boat Is!

I got a two for one with that little number! A great recipe and an amazing new blog to follow! So here’s my #NailedIt for the week. Halloween themed pot luck –  I Got You Bro!


So, I waited way too long with my Peeps on broil after the brownies were done. They kinda smushed together. Plus, their original Peep faces melted off at first – I was in panic mode until I found the chocolate chips. So I was able to pull it together! Costing a total of $7 for Brownie Mix and Peeps, voila!

Peeps A La Brownie!

Need Last Minute Costume Inspiration? Just Check Out These Critters

Need a little last minute costume ideas? Let these crazy critters inspire you!

Tonight, I couldn’t help but share the completely fabulamazing composition of cats and horses in costume. I was shown these adorable costumed critters by a friend, and I seriously can’t take the cuteness. I’m set on my halloween costume, but I could easily be persuaded to copycat that little penguin!

wpid-img_155672429587857.jpeg wpid-img_155676981823474.jpegwpid-img_155670032090528.jpeg wpid-img_155663032639896.jpeg wpid-img_155658336195519.jpeg wpid-img_11945387192263.jpeg wpid-img_11926685315263.jpeg wpid-img_11910878661823.jpeg wpid-img_11904949926893.jpeg wpid-img_11901935246596.jpeg wpid-img_11891775136723.jpeg

The Bun is Out of the Oven!


This little cupcake…

Can I get an Amen?

Look at this rosy little thing! You are so much cuter in color!

Just welcome! Just welcome to your life! Ah!

Bless you little one! I just bless you and your Mommy and Daddy all over!


Congratulations Middlebrooks Family! I love you all! All THREE of you!

Halloween Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Turns out I make an excellent ghost.

Here’s a little behind the scenes action from my very first group shoot! I had some photographer friends with new equipment to test, so I got invited to do a theatrical spooky Halloween shoot. Unfortunately, our so called “abandoned factory” wasn’t so abandoned after all. Let’s just say the old owner happened to be in town…
Luckily, we ended up at the neatest old cemetery! (Don’t worry, we prayed first and were very respectful!)

My amazing photographers are hard a work editing this week, so stay tuned! – The Woman In Black


Little Red borrowing my favorite dress! I can not believe how good she looked! I think her shots will turn out to be some of my favorites!


Rocky and Stephanie doing their thang. I’ll be sure to introduce them both upon the big reveal!image

We opted out of using the fog machine in the cemetery! If only we had the creepy warehouse. Oh grumpy man – why did you have to run us off?

wpid-1018141443.jpg wpid-1018141503.jpg

The whole night, my legs were shivering but I just ADORED that dress. I’ve never had as use for it!

An Interview with THE Jake From State Farm

Question of the Week:

If You Could Ask Jake From State Farm Anything, What Would You Ask?

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is There. And actually, Jake From State Farm is here on the blog this evening!  Direct from the official Twitter (@JakeStateFarm), he was kind enough to let let us interview him back and forth a little! We asked him the 10 questions we know you’ve been dying to ask! Straight from the keyboard of Jake and myself – here it is!


Q: Do late shift agents often get mistaken for “other women”?

A. I think that was an isolated incident.


Q: Do you think you sound hideous?

A: Sometimes

Q: How many Khakis do you own?

A: Too many to count


Q: What’s your favorite brand of Khakis?

A: I tend to favor Dockers


Q: What do you wear on Casual Friday?

A: Khakis

Q: What do you do when it’s not 3am? Any hobbies?

A: Lifting and eating Pizza

Q: What is your dream car?

A: Audi r8


Q: How long have you worked for State Farm?

A: 6 years

Q: What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

A: I am dressing as Cliff Paul 


Q: What’s the best part about your job?

A: Helping people and making them smile.

Well, Jake! You’ve made your hundreds of fans smile! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer questions for us! You and the whole State Farm Agency never let us down – thanks for taking such good care of your fans and neighbors!

Oh, and Shout out to My awesome State Farm Agent – Mike Davis (TN) for being there almost every time I sang the jingle! Thanks for all the advice, awesome student discounts, and having such a supportive team!  Like a good neighbor (and hilarious twitter to follow!) State Farm is There!

Last Note – This is just a advertising student enthusiastic about commercials – and her excellent experience with State Farm. I was in no way approached by S.F. Also, thanks to everyone who answered my survey!

Ode To My First Flat Tire

Life man.

I couldn’t help but share my oddball of a day. It’s been unusual since I rolled out of bed. It’s rainy day #9 in Knoxville (I’m starting to feel like Portland). I’ve given up on the sun, but I was determined to still have a bright day.

Unfortunately, my lucky stars weren’t so lucky or bright today.

When I got back to my car after class, my rear view mirror had fallen off? What? The attaching glue lost all it’s sticky and so I was driving almost blind. It wasn’t any fun in heavy traffic.

BUT WAIT, somehow despite my extra cautious driving, I managed to blow out my tire. On the interstate, all by myself.

wpid-1016141543.jpg wpid-1016141543a.jpg

I could totally change a tire if I ever had needed to in the past. And I was more than prepared to be walked through it. I was ready. But I totally get my dad saying -Um no. I’m not walking you through how to make your rolling death trap roll on a spare – for the first time.” So props to my dad driving 45 minutes to rescue me.

However, let’s discuss the 45 minute wait on a busy interstate with a fleeting cellphone battery. Plus I was extremely late for work. I would just like to say kudos Phoebz, for keeping your shit together.

Of course it wasn’t over. We got back on the main interstate and caught up to about 30495 miles of bad wreck traffic. SUPER Late to work at this point. My sweet father followed me the whole way knowing I would have a panic attack staying at 40 mph (spare tire problems). What a guy.

Anyway, I made it to work, and managed to crank out 7 paragraphs about the time I got a flat tire. What a day what a day!

Moving Back Home: You Don’t Have To Apologize

I really tore myself up over what people might say about me moving back home after 2 measly months on my own. I was afraid I would seem a failure, like I gave up the moment things got tricky. I had 100 different excuses prepared for my formal apology to the world…Apologizing as if my life decisions would actually let someone down…


I never got to introduce the best room mates on the planet – I hate to leave them but they forgive me!

I missed my family (despite how bat crazy they drive me on a minute-by-minute basis. I still Love Them!)

I’m not actually this Flaky I swear (To be a “Flake” means to make an empty commitment and not follow through. My commitment was 100% real, and I’m following through by finding a sublease.)

The money looked better on paper. (With maximum amount of hours possible and no sick days ever, I would only go into debt $5 a month!)

I’m all out of money  (Possibly because I signed the lease with no job and wasted 2 weeks searching and eating away my savings)

I’ve never been so hungry in my life. (I used to joke about college students being hungry in high school. Ha.)

Living on Campus scared me. (It didn’t bother me the first 5 sexual assaults on campus in 5 weeks, but week 6 with a full fledged rape a few blocks away… C’mon)

I don’t party. (But my neighbors do.)

Work just won’t give me enough hours.(Said everyone ever…but if I took on another job my grades would T-A-N-K)

I just want to get out now before I’m in over my head and before I start using loan money.

Successful world travelers with happy families, great jobs, and stable money didn’t move out at 19 with no job, no money, and no plan. They saved and planned and scraped and worked hard instead of jumping at the first chance at “Freedom”.

And quite frankly folks, I’m dating an American Airlines employee. And I have Marriott hotel benefits now that I work there. Do you see what I’m saying? All I ever wanted for my life is to travel the world and quite frankly, a round trip ticket first class to Italy is under $200…And I’m blowing $800 a month on bills for this place? Really? C’mon.

People. We don’t need to apologize for our life decisions. Unless you screwed up someone else’s life – go live yours! I just beat around the bush for 2 weeks trying to figure out how to ask my Mommy if she would let me come home. You know her answer? Do I need boxes.

Moving out was so so amazing. Turns out I’m REALLY good at taking care of myself. I’m a great room mate, I am responsible. I make the money work. I keep things clean and food in the fridge somehow.

But that “freedom” isn’t worth everything else that matters to me.

Thanks for loving and supporting me y’all! The current news is, we met a girl who is interested in subleasing for me. Once she signs the papers, I’m free to go. We’ll see if she flakes out in the next few weeks. I guess I’ll start boxing up my things soon! I’m pretty excited.

The 100% honest truthful reason why I’m moving home is I miss my kitty baby. Someone must protect her from Dog.


The Albatross and The Weight of Living

I’ve done it again. I’ve accidentally synchronized my life with another amazing Bastille Song.  I’m still facing Pompeii Moments on a daily basis, and that song helps me pull through every time. As for now, I’m pulling myself out of a slum I’ve been trapped in for a few months.

“When you just can’t shake the heavy weight of living”

I can’t shake it. It’s weighing down on me a lot recently, my mistakes are following me. I’ve been calling it my destructive rampage – I almost screwed up some important relationships, I got behind in classes, I forgot my priorities, all while was I moved out without any money.

The weight of living is never as light as we imagine. We all reach a point when we have to let our Albatross go.



The Albatross is a legendary sea bird made famous by the poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Coleridge. In the poem, some sailors at stuck at sea forced south into icy waters by a storm. When all hope was lost, the Albatross flew in and perched itself at the helm. As the ice melted the albatross seemed to guide them to salvation.


Suddenly, one of the mariners shoots the Albatross with a crossbow and it dies. The ship looses it’s good luck omen and the furious crew force the sailor to carry the dead bird around his neck. From this poem comes the metaphor “to have an albatross around the neck”, that means having a burden or an heavy worry.

alba6 alba7

“Your Albatross, let it go, let it go,
Your albatross shoot it down, shoot it down
When you just can’t shake
The heavy weight of living”


We all have to carry our Albatross at one point – the result of our poor judgement. You’ll have burdens, worries, and mistakes that will follow you. In this song, you’re invited to let them go and live free from the anguish. All you have to do is let them go and sail onward.