Officers Are Heroes Too.


Yesterday, about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I was at the foot of the new One Trade Center – my first visit to New York.

You know what else was going on about 2 o’clock, just across the way in Brooklyn? I’m sure you heard. Someone – a lot of people actually – forgot how much we need our heroes.

It seems we have forgotten what it means to be a hero and how important it is to have  individuals that put their lives on the line for our safety.

At 2 o’clock, I was remembering 9/11.  I felt the need to call my firefighter daddy to tell him thank you – for being a hero and also, for not living in New York, where I could have lost him. But also around that time, someone was deciding they don’t need police anymore – to protect our freedom from the real threats.

On 9/11, we gathered as a nation. We rallied around our heroes and thanked our firemen, paramedics, and police officers for risking their lives for us. 343 firemen and paramedics died. But, I think people forgot – 23 NYPD and 37 Port Authority Officers also died. Remember that? We reached out and shook their hands and thanked them. Because we knew we needed them.

I’m not a political person. I haven’t been following much of the stories.  I know a lot has gone wrong. There are some things we can’t ignore.

But, I guess I’m just thankful that my dad is the other kind of hero. I’m fortunate – I don’t have to worry about riots and people full of hate and confusion and conspiracy threatening my daddy. But there are a lot of families that won’t sleep tonight, who have officers that are under fire. My heart is with you all, and in Brooklyn tonight.

dad fire

I love you Daddy.

Tuesday Tunes and Pretties

It’s been awfully quiet around the house lately. And by quiet I mean, boring as hell. So I’ve picked up a new hobby, crocheting – getting my yarn all knotted up – and then giving up and pinning and Youtubing for the rest of the day. I’m so proud of myself.

So here’s this weeks findings. Be sure to listen to the little babe at the bottom of the page killing a cover of Ghosts (which happens to be one of my favorite songs right now!)



2015, I’ll drink to that.

A lot of amazing things happened this year:

I started a blog, I became a scuba diver, I spent part of the summer in St. Croix, USVI. I went to Philadelphia, and in a few days, New York and DC. My friend had her baby, Naomi.  I got a new job at the Marriott. Very cool.

But a lot of really crappy things happened too.

In fact, I’d venture to say, I wish I were 21 and I could drink 2014 right off the calendar this New Years Eve – Wake up and say “Hmm, what happened to 2014? Oh Well, let’s never think of it again.” Unfortunately, I absolutely hate the taste of alcohol. And I’m not even 20 until Friday. So there goes that concept.

My 2014 Game Was Not Strong.

Should not have moved out.
Should not have hurt so many relationships warning me not to move out.
Should not have taken that job when I had a great one already.
Should not have gotten fired.
Should not have let my best friend move away. 
Should not have gotten that demon puppy. 
Should not have cut it so close with my course grades. 
Should not have to reconstruct the dynamics of so many relationships. 
Should not have cut off my hair thinking it would change anything. 

I guess I gotta thank the High Apple Pie In the Sky for giving me a roof, a coat, a meal, and a few good folks who love me. God’s cool like that. I’m thankful.

But, I’m very extra thankful that this year is almost gone! 

I’ll drink to that.


Decking the Halls

For the holidays this year, I decided to take it upon myself to captain the Christmas ship at my house.The clock was ticking and my December was crawling away so I said, you know what-  I’m getting a tree. Today.  And so I did!

I went and saw the lovely folks at Mayo Garden Center who greeted me with hot cocoa and cookies – and that was before I found this babe of a tree! I got a box of gold ornaments and a baby poinsettia plant too! I honestly was struggling to feel the Christmas magic, but they really made it special for me. Especially since it was my first solo tree hunt.





The family loves it! I’m so relieved! It seemed everyone was so busy, I was Thrilled to surprise everyone with the house all clean and and the halls all decked! I even wrapped all the presents and decorated my tree all on my own!


Okay, not all on my own. I had some help.

Other Holiday Updates:

Gifts: 100% complete

Drinks: Peppermint Mocha, Apple Cider, and Hot Cocoa (Shaken not Stirred)

Movies Seen So Far: Elf, The Santa Clause, Christmas Vacation, Year Without a Santa Clause

Music: ALL the classics plus new favorite, Pentatonix Christmas

How are your pre-festivities going? Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Phoebe Takes Fiore Boutique!


I had the pleasure of taking over Fiore Boutique for a few hours this week! They invited me to be the guest of honor for the day and, oh my gosh, was it fun! I had the task of dressing the mannequins with their newest Christmas/New Year’s items.


I got to hand pick every mannequin’s outfit. This was my first Mall event, and I did so good not to geek out!


20141205_144513 20141205_144546  20141205_144926

Since 2006, founders Young & April share a passion for providing an uplifting positive atmosphere for the customers that have graced Fiore. Finding great items, or as they call it “treasure hunting,” is their favorite activity in part of creating a unique shopping environment. Their main goal is to inspire beauty, charm & femininity to all those who visit Fiore Boutique.

My location, West Town Mall Knoxville, TN is only about 3 months old and already, it’s a local favorite. My shop carries brands like Lily Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Laura and James, and Flying Tomato. If you’re in Knoxville anytime soon, or near a Fiore, swing by and you just might fall in love!


The 12 Amazing Trees of Christmas

Instead of studying for finals, I’m procrastinating by obsessing over Christmas! And that includes Christmas trees that are way cooler than mine. These are the neatest yules you’ll see this year! If only my house had 12 rooms! 

1. Portal Tree. Christmas is a lie.


2. Pac Man Tree.


4. Nightmare Before Christmas Tree


5. The Christmas is Strong with This One


 6. All I want for Christmas is Captain America

6. ct15

7. Minnie Mouse Tree


8. Dalek Tree


9. Rocking around the… Cactus?


10. Tulletilde Carols


9. It’s Groot!


10. Hello Kitty Christmas


11. Minion’s Greetings


12. Tree-Rex


Christmas With Phoebe Rose 


On the 5th day of Christmas your blogger friend gave to thee, a freebie Christmas Survey!

I just got so inspired to make a Christmas themes survey for my blog friends! I hope everyone is having an amazing December so far!    I can’t wait to here all about it! Snag Your survey here using the password: Christmas ! Don’t forget to link back or comment so I know where to find your exciting answers!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Saying Goodbye to the Geology Babes

Tomorrow is my last class with the Geology Babes. I’m not gonna lie, I’m borderline devastated. See, someone had to be an extrovert over here – making friends with everyone she meets. Surely I could have seen this coming. I mean, we even went caving together. How do you hike hundreds of miles below the Earth’s surface and not become best friends?

IMGP0552 IMGP0564 IMGP0616

Since our first study sesh at L’s house, we’ve been the Geology Babes and I swear – these girls are gonna run the world one day. The hot blonde is Lauren. She’s heading home to Ohio State to get her education in teaching. And Miss Drew – I’ve never met a more sassy woman in my life. I’m not sure what her career dreams include, but I dare you to stop her. I don’t know what I would have done without these two.

(Pardon the lack of quality. Who brings a Nikon for class selfies anyway?)

wpid-1108141136.jpg   wpid-1108141412.jpgwpid-1108141237.jpgwpid-1108141137.jpg

Then there’s Scott. He’s our tutor/comic relief. Technically not a Geology Babe, since he’s a boy. But he’s gotten us through countless boring lectures and tricky labs. Never hurts to have an engineer on your team! We love ya Scott! Thank you and Good Luck in Alcoa!


Then we have our foxy little mama Michelle. No really, we’re all counting down the days till Baby Boy arrives! I’m still voting for the name Sammuel! We also had Caroline, the redhead, who I swear will open her own natural product line. Woman smells like a lilac field. All natural, gluten-free, chemical-free, waste-free, oh that Caroline.

You guys, I love you and I wish you the best in everything you do! Have beautiful lives!

I Won’t Be Civil: A Letter To My Girls


My dearest friend,

I’m not going to make this flowery. I’m going to make this blunt.

 I won’t be civil. I can’t do it, babe.

When your ex-boyfriend contacts me asking to relay to you a message. No. I’m sorry. I won’t be civil. When he approaches me and I remember the way he treated you - Nope. The abuse and the manipulation, and the control. No way. I won’t be civil.

I commend you for your commitment to being the bigger person. I’m proud of you for acting with class and civility in adversity. I respect your stance on your relationship. I completely understand whatever fear you may have lingering. There’s no doubt some leftover hurt you must deal with.

But we can’t both be afraid.

I might make him mad?

My dear, I won’t impose. I won’t stick my nose in your business. I won’t involve myself. But please understand. I don’t care if I make him mad. That’s on me. No man will use our friendship as a pawn. No one will use our relationship to hurt you. You see, you are worth more than you can fathom. You are an independant woman who can define her own relationships – all I can do is hope that you don’t undermine yourself.

Just know this. If he asks me, You’re worth more than gold.

And I’m not afraid to tell him that.

Remember, It’s ok to be a little afraid to upset him. You can be afraid he will get mad. Just remember, an angry best friend is much, much more frightening.