Apartment Decor Shopping, Eeep!

Well friends,


I’m back from Ross and Marshall’s. Now if you’re not familiar with Ross and Marshall’s, it’s a beautiful land where all the department stores and top brands send the overstock to be sold at fractions of the price. It’s a magical place, where there’s a something for everyone, at a steal of a deal. For me, I happened to find 3 something especially for me and my new apartment. These happen to be my very first official apartment purchase. Eeep!

I purchased a rug, blanket, and laundry hamper. However, I’m returning the blanket (maybe) because right after my shopping, I received a dreamy snuggly moving-out present… The single softest blanket I’ve ever cuddled. I am obsessed and it matches my other purchases perfectly. So, the purchased blanket’s fate is pending. We’ll see! I made $14o in my yardsale, so I’m cutting my decor budget off at $140 as well. Every little dollar counts, so I’ve gotta think seriously about returns and such.

I won’t give away too many details, specifically because I have severe case of O.R.D (Obsessive Redecorating Disorder). Remember when I was completely obsessed with gold dotted decor? I thought long long long and hard about my new opportunity. New room, new place, new habits maybe? I wanted to stick to something general and neutral for when the O.R.D. kicks in and I hate Everything about my room. But as of right now, I LOVE everything about it! Here’s some of my inspiration!


room2 room3

As of right now, I’m leaning towards Warm, Soft, Comfy, plus many elements from home so I don’t drown in homesickness. I would like to think this design will stick. I thought ahead and kept the receipts for my new somethings… Just in case.

I move in in 11 days! I can’t believe it! Because my roommates have been living in the apartment for 4 years already, I don’t need to bring much for the household. Luckyy! But I still have a handful of things to bring. Towels, Cups, a Shower Caddy… other basics like that.

If anyone is feeling sweet, you’re welcome to jump on the Going-Away-Present Train. It’s next stop is the Target Gift Card Department. I wouldn’t complain…

Everyone have a nice night! All my love,


Blind and Deaf Puppy Love, Anyone?

Just saying, this is the cutest puppy I ever met.

wpid-0818141631.jpg wpid-0818141631a.jpg wpid-0818141631b.jpg

This is Keller. He is 10 weeks old, Blind, and Deaf. My coworker rescued him after a man posted his puppy litter online for sale. He mentioned at the bottom that this little man, was to be disposed of, if no one came for him.

Let me tell you, there is nothing disposable about this handsome man. He’s going to live a spoiled, cushy, rotten life Full life surrounded by people who love him to bits.

It’s adorable… he bites alot. But, besides his nose, it’s his primary tool. He can’t see or hear, so he dives into life teeth first. We don’t mind his love nips one bit. Especially since his little puppy smeller is still developing. We love Keller and I just absolutely HAD to show him off!

Thanks for bringing him in Steph! Call me if you ever need a puppysitter!

Snapshots from My Week

What’s in the good ole Cellphone Gallery this week? Here’s just a few favorites!


This is me realizing I am, Indeed, Shopping for my first apartment. This is the post-pinch face when I turned out to be awake and alive.


I don’t care what anyone says though. Target is not cheap. At least not during dorm season.


I got to write to almost all my penpals this week! It was very exciting! I love love love getting snailmail so just say the word if you want in on this postal action.


After an entire summer, I finally got some quality pool time with my bestiegirl. Kelly, I miss you! I’m so glad we’re finding time to get together again!


Love her heart…


Snack time on the Square! I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with the S’mores Milkshake from Stock and Barrel. Best $6 of my week. They actually toast Marshmallows for the top!


This is the Square’s best cookie, from Steamboat’s Sandwiches. I also save room in my weekly food budget for this $1 slab of pure heaven. It’s seriously perfect for my random “Inspiration Hiatus Walks” that I take occasionally on long office days. 8 hours in a desk can be pretty disheartening. I am so thankful for my Walkie Breaks!


Lastly, Miss Godiva. She found the gutter water… Nasty thing. I knew it was a bad idea…so I picked her up and put her back in the grass, then walked back round the house to the front porch. BUT THEN. I hear a Splooosh… and like a bolt of drippy lightning, she darts around to the front, across the yard, and halfway up the tree to evaluate the tragedy.




Is That A Caterpillar On Your Face?


How does this make you feel? It makes me feel like crap… Even though it makes total sense. 

You already know I embrace The Natural Look. I find beauty in simplicity. Or maybe I find beauty in laziness. Or maybe I’m just lazy. As much attention as I give this face, is it any surprise that eyebrows are low on the priorities list?

I went a full entire year without giving them any attention once. A year between waxing – my wax girl and I joked the entire 10 minutes. I’m talking full on unibrow, extended wings, devil peak at the corners…. It was rough. And I probably would have let it continue if I hadn’t had a funeral to attend. 

Please don’t think I’m gross. I can’t stand a dirty face, or any body odor besides floral. I’m always smooth and soft, and I keep my hair clean and natural. I put in some Effort man. Serious effort. Just not eyebrows.

How many of you all actually care about a person’s eyebrows? Do you pay attention? Are my caterpillars turning people away? I promise I’ll step up my game. I will have beautiful brows. But I need to know I’m not wasting my time. I had perfectly fine friends, my boyfriend didn’t dump me, my family still sat down for meals with me, and I had a paying job with my wicked bad brows…

Is it worth the trouble? You tell me.  

One Lovely Blog!

You know that feeling you get when a Blogger you t-totally adore compliments you, me?, yes you, and says they love your blog back?

I’m just rolling in that feeling this week. Seriously, all my favorite bloggers took their sweetness pills this week. I’ve been flooded with awards I probably don’t deserve. But, I’m playing along because I’m dying to share my audience with these foxy women. I’ve also got a Leibster and an Inspirational Award I’m saving for a rainy day, but tonight I’m blushing for this!


Thank Yous are in order for the even Lovelier Lovely Bloggers who nominated me. Christina, Bethan, and Danielle just completely blow me away with their style, meets grace, meets class, meets total hilariousness. 

Manolos, Mountains, and Marriage is Danielle’s home sweet blog. Christina’s doing her thing over at Life Being Girly. Bethan is the author for BethanNicole. Honestly, they are all so fabulous, you might as well head their way now. You’re probably missing out on the best post you’ve read all day. 

Now here are the rules for accepting the lovely award:

  1. Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  5. Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.


  1. I’m a Certified Scuba Diver – my deepest dive is 85 feet. 
  2. My favorite land creature is the Polar Bear. Majestic, Fierce, Beautiful, and Deadly…
  3. My Makeup  is smidge of foundation, a pinch of powder, and a hint of blush. Occasionally clear mascara for big lash occasions. 
  4. I am currently Binge Watching Chuck on Netflix… along with Orange is the New Black.
  5. Yes, I am Mixed. My mom is German and my dad is Cherokee and African American. 
  6. I haven’t turned off iHeartRadio in like 2 weeks. My stations are Vampire Weekend, Lana Del Rey, and The Black Keys. LOVE. 
  7. I never get to visit or talk to my Grandma, but she will always be one of my favorite people on the planet.  

I nominate (in no particular order!)

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15. Life: Balanced and Beautiful

Put Those Praying Knees To Work

All my life, I’ve heard people tell me, give God control. Give it to God. Put your faith in God and he will guide you. Let Go and Let God.

let go

I have come across many, many obstacles in my time (said everyone who ever lived) and I’ve never heard the voice of God direct me in the way of his Light.

I never really felt like I had any reins to offer up. I took life as it came and did the best with what I could. Sure, I could have prayed more and thanked more along the way. But, I never understood how to make a decision, without making the decision myself…

But I’m preparing myself for a MAJOR step into a life I don’t know. I am going to school, I am moving out, I have work changes, family changes, and nothing is sure, guaranteed, or even familiar.

There is so little within my control, I’m kinda terrified. In fact, I’m extremely terrified. But I’ve kept my praying knees strong through out my decision process. This is probably the most praying I’ve done all my life. I’ve spent a lot of mornings waking up and saying, My God has a plan for this day. That plan does not include Fear. It does not include Doubt.

God, This is me actively trying to follow your plan. This is me listening to your warnings and your guidance through my family, friends, and situations. I’m praying you will be with me as I move forward with my scary little life.

Tomorrow I sign my lease. Tomorrow I order my school books. Tomorrow I face my coworkers.

But Tonight, I’m putting my praying knees to work.

Belittle This.


Don’t think for two seconds that you know me.

You Do Not.

What gives you the right to belittle me?

What about me gives you the impression that you are better?

You can belittle me as the day is long,

But that does not make you any bigger.

I don’t need your Help.

Your Advice.

Your Criticism.

Your Approval.

Is is NOT your job to fix me. 

I Need No fixing. 

I Need No Toughening. 

I am Perfect the way I am. 

I am not too sweet, innocent, confused, clueless.

I choose my battles. 

I choose not to deal with you. That does not make me sweet, innocent, confused, or clueless.

That makes me a wise individual. 

You Do Not Know Me.

Or What I Can Handle.

Or What I Am Capable of. 

Don’t begin to pretend you do. 


Run your mouth all you want, 

I have more important things to do. 


You Know Those Fake Over Complimenting Sales Girls?

In the past couple years, I’ve had the privilege of working in some of Knoxville’s finest boutiques. In that time, I’ve learned about retail, fashion, management, but mostly people. 

Especially women. To say I’ve worked with a large variety of women is a total understatement. It’s become a crucial skill to connect with these women, relate, and help them make their choices. One of the most important things I’ve learned about women is that Every woman in the world has her insecurities. There isn’t a female out there that isn’t doubtful or lacking confidence in some way. There isn’t a woman alive who couldn’t use a polite compliment from a stranger. 

Of course, it’s not the same when the compliments seem to lack genuineness. And overly complimenting sales girls can come across that way – Fake – myself being one of them. Especially if you have the tendency to compliment every woman in your store. All of a sudden, Boom. We all look like fake desperate sales girls trying to butter you up just to make a sale. 

Don’t lie, Doesn’t it seem that way? Even from my side of the argument, it seems that way! 

However, I stand firm. I’m not going to change my ways for what “seems fake”.

This is very important to me:

When someone looks pretty, they deserve to know they look pretty. Wouldn’t you agree?

When her outfit is particularly flattering, or her purse is lovely, or her hair is cute, the woman should know. 

Because that may be the very first time she hears that she is beautiful today!  She may have had the worst day ever and you helped her through it. Or she may have had the best day ever and you put the cherry on top. 

You may be the 9th sales associate in the store to compliment her shoes, but you never know… 

You may compliment every individual in the store, and seem like the least genuine girl in the world. 

I, personally, have always tried to put the connection with a customer before a sale. A sale lasts one day. Connections last much longer. I love making my guests smile when they’re in my store. Maybe that’s just the values my recent jobs have taught me. But isn’t that our job as retail workers? We are there to make our guests look and Feel like a million bucks.

The way I see it, as long as I continue to brighten the day of my customers, I’m just gonna keep doing it. 


Congratulations Rola!


Who’s this fox you might ask? It happens to be Rola from The Talking Pencil.

Love her heart – yesterday was Miss Rola’s bridal shower! If only I could have made it! Unfortunately I had to be with them in spirit! California is just too far from Tennessee!


I think gift giving is all about the thought. I know one of Rola’s passions is writing (blogger problems, right??) I was thinking about it, and the best gift I could give her is my wonderful blog friends! Honestly she is a mix of hilarious, poetic, brilliant, and awesome.

You, my fab fans, are going to love her! After her wedding hiatus, when she gets back into writing, you won’t be disappointed!

Congratulations Rola and Youssef! Big Love from Knoxville!

Playing in the Creek Beds with Rocky’s Photography


Show and Tell Time! Remember my going on and on about the Destroy the Dress shoot? Well, right before, we embraced the glamour. Don’t worry. Soon, I’ll share the one from when I slipped into the lake and proceeded to embrace it. These however, were just too pretty!

Febz_0018 Febz_0022

This is actually the same creek from my fabulous other shoot…That Model Life… remember that post? With the pretty blue dress? I loved those. They were so simple and pretty- that’s me and my photographer Rocky’s thing. Simplicity. (Click that name! Do it!) 

That is what I love about these too! Honestly, I was in the mood to play Pinterest Girl. I had spent a whole week on Pinterest hunting down cute shoot ideas to throw at Rocky. We took them and made them our own, don’t you think? 

These last two are my favorites. In the colored one, I was laughing at my friend Serena. Note to all photographers: Hire a hilarious assistant. All the smiles will be genuine! The second one, I was just goofing off. Some of my favorite beauty icons, they really embrace the silly. Always embrace the silly. That is when the inner beauty shines the brightest.

I’m still no Tyra Banks like I mentioned in That Brooding Model Type, but I am enjoying pretending! 

Febz_0025 (1) Febz_0027 (1)