Welcome Welcome!

They told me not to try to sound like a blogger,
if I made it past finding a name and getting set up.

I guess to introduce myself, my name is Phoebe. Hey there!

 rc photography
(That’s me! Thanks to my favorite photographer Rocky Caughron https://www.facebook.com/photosbyrocky)

I’m yet another college girl blogging her way to success, writing her own road map and all that jazz. I’m studying Advertising, any day now you’ll be seeing my brilliant commercials playing between your sitcoms. I guess this blog will be another test for me. If I can sell my fascinating daily adventures, I can sell anything.
Right now, I’m working at an awesome boutique in my city, they keep voting it #1, so I guess they agree with me that it’s the best! Not the best idea working in a clothing store while trying to save money for trips, but I make it work.  I’m currently trying to travel as often as possible. Granted I’ve only flown once, it was an incredible trip, and I’m itching for my next trip this summer! I want to see everything. Which means I’m also trying to manage money and time.
Hopefully keeping up with things on this blog will help me get where I’m going. Who knows, maybe someone important will see this someday and offer me my dream job. Or I’ll say something brilliant that inspires someone else to follow their own wild and exciting undertakings. For now, I’m just glad to have readers like you!

Thanks for stopping by!
Adventure on!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Welcome!

  1. Welcome to the blogging world, my dear! I know you will love it and meet some awesome people too! (hint! I’m one of those awesome peoples! lol jk) Anywho, I look forward to reading more about you and your experiences!


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