10 Things I Learned in My First Semester of College

I can’t believe it’s been a whole 7 months since
grad 3 grad 2
Tada! Cap, gown, diploma, tears, the whole 9 yards! Soon enough you’ll be graduating high school too. (Or more likely, you’ve been there done that, and you’re just here for the flashback). No matter why you’re here, hopefully some of the lessons I’ve learned will apply to whatever level of school you may be in. I mean, it got me four A’s and a B.

Let’s get serious about College.

1) You will Flunk yourself.
F grade photo: ColdFail epic-fail-photos-school-of-fail-f.png
It’s all on You to get your assignments, do them, do them WELL, and turn them in. If you make bad grades, it is time to reevaluate your time management and your study habits. It’s on you to find extra help if you need it. The school will provide it but like they say. You can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink. Drink the dang water. You CAN do well.

2) Show up or shut up.

EMpty room

There is no make up work. There is no late work. There is no excuse. Often times there is a limit to the number of classes you can miss before points are docked. Pay attention to those numbers, because once you loose points, they’re gone. By the way, that was my classroom one review day. Guess who got extra credit.

3) Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Copy down the syllabus! Assignments, Speeches, Tests, record them all in your fancy gadgets. Check your dates and record all your grades, because honestly, you can’t pull it together last minute. Sorry man. High school is a great time to test how low you can go before you bounce back. Not college. If you wait until the last 2 weeks of the course to put in the effort, you will get 2 weeks of success… That isn’t enough.

4) Chegg is your best friend.

This one is pretty easy. If you like saving hundreds of dollars. This semester, I’m saving $400 on 5 classes worth of books. Sometimes the difference was up to $100. Your other book money saving option is to check if your book store does price matching. That will save you shipping. A dollar saved is a dollar earned!

5) Do the work.


I hope you all learned this in high school. If you do the homework, you will get better grades. If you study, you will know the material. Would you rather have to remember, or just know? This picture was from my, FU 2-Tests-And-A-Speech-In-One-Day attack.

6) Study in groups.

make friends

No, not your boyfriend. We all know how that ends up. Talk to your classmates and make friends. Get together and bounce ideas off each other. Work through problems together and work out the kinks. Also, don’t do all the work. You’re screwing your friends over in the long run.

7) All Nighters.
energy drinks photo: energy drinks edlogo.jpg
I can’t say don’t do this. Scientifically, I hear it’s not logical. But the field results show most college students that pull all nighters would have failed otherwise. So, do what you have to do to get shit done. But like I said before, if you know the material beforehand, even just a smidge, it’s all review. Less cramming, more strengthening. But just in case, find a favorite energy drink.

8) The Freshman 15…
junk food photo: food! junk-food.jpg
Unless you’re a health nut taking easy courses, it’s gonna happen. I tried and tried, but I picked up about 10 during the semester. 15 by the semester’s end and I had taken down all that holiday food. My advice here is, don’t run to sign up for a gym the second you get to the break. After a few good weeks, classes will start back and there goes your money down the drain. Instead, just try to skip the McDonalds now and then. You don’t HAVE to binge between the books.

9) If you ain’t got no money, take your broke ass home.
cash photo: cash cash.jpg
But not really. You don’t have to be an ENTIRELY broke college student. Glance at your income, and make a baby budget. Not a real one. I have little Budget Jr. I managed to keep the bills paid, and the car gassed and the stomach almost full all semester just because I kept my eye on how much I allowed myself.

10) I get by with a little help from my friends.
Really. Keep some resemblance of a social life. I know, especially during finals week, it’s like crawling out from under a rock. But, this was my BIGGEST fail. I lost connection to most of my high school friends, and didn’t have time to make new ones in college. It was just me and my true blue handy dandy study companion, miss Godiva here.

That’s all I got. All I can do now is pray I remember to take my own advice once I finish up at community college and transfer to my University. Hopefully you can apply these to your very own college adventures.  I mean, I know college isn’t everyone’s thing. But swimming isn’t everyone’s thing either. And when the boat is sinking, shouldn’t you know how to swim? All I can say is Good Luck.


One thought on “10 Things I Learned in My First Semester of College

  1. This is so cute! I can hear your spunky voice while I was reading this! It’s a little rough around the edges but I think the more you blog the more you’ll fall into your comfort zone. I think this blog has tons of potential! (:

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