You Deserve to Shop In Bliss


( – The one in the middle is my fabulous coworker Maddie)

It’s Knoxville’s favorite gift and clothing store. Really – They voted. And it’s been my favorite place since it opened up when I was 9. You couldn’t go downtown without stopping at 24 Market Square to see what’s new at Bliss. So naturally, it was a girl’s dream come true to get a call saying they would love to hire you.

I got that call right at the end of June, and ever since I’ve been an official Bliss Girl. Retail life has its perks, (more perks than a deli sandwich connoisseur, but that’s its own story.) but I will admit I’ve never had to size and color coordinate hundreds of sandwiches. No – clothing has been a whole new world for me. You’d be surprised how much you can learn in 6 months. Image

( – Miss Maddie modeling a few of last season’s favorites.)

I can say I’ve got the inside scoop on Knoxville fashion. Bliss always gets the season’s best before the season even changes, and I can tell this Spring is going to be Fabulous!

I know, I know, you’ve still got Christmas wrapping paper shoved under your couch… there’s 3 feet of snow, and you’re still waiting for that back ordered Jackie-O style coat. But hang in there – Spring is coming and it will be Blissful.





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