What’s in Your Tote: My Arsenal

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Well, I’m about to start my second half of Freshman year. So I thought I’d share what I keep on hand at ALL times during the semester. I owe all my success to my organizational skills! So, behold – my arsenal.

1. Sturdy Tote and Wallet – I never leave home without my Street Level 7 bag and Shiraleah wallet, so naturally I didn’t hesitate to make it my school bag as well.

2. Laptop Case – Who says you have to have an ugly case to have a safe laptop. Steve Madden, you’re a saint!

3. Laptop – Would not have made it through last semester without my Gateway. Just don’t forget to charge it and whatever you do, back up your files via flash drive and email.

4. 5 Star products –  I keep one tough Current Assignments folder and one spiral, then a file folder. One file pocket for each class with a folder for “Handouts/Graded/NeedLater” papers. Anything else in the pocket is for notes and quick grabs.  That way I never get caught without the notes I need!

5. Water bottle – I’ve probably saved $50 avoiding the vending machines. Plus you gotta watch that Freshman 15, Ain’t no body got time for that.

6. All the little things – Cell phone charger, highlighters, hand sanitizer, and a good chap stick – don’t underestimate how much you’ll need these!

How about you? What can’t you live without during your semester? What’s in your tote?

P.S. Leave the cat. She will just chew up your syllabus.  Trust me…


One thought on “What’s in Your Tote: My Arsenal

  1. Hehe, the cat will just lay on anything you take out from you tote and keep you from doing any work! lol ❤ I loved reading/seeing what's in your cute tote!! Happy first week of school, btw!!

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