Run For Their Lives 5K/Walk Knoxville ’14


Run For Their Lives Knoxville

Today, despite the awful monsoon weather we experienced, hundreds of individuals got up at the crack of storm and joined me in Knoxville’s first Annual Run For Their Lives 5K/Walk. This Freedom 424 event was to raise awareness across Knoxville and the entire area about the horrors of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation. We fought on the local level, raising money for better first responder training, relief efforts, and awareness in our community. And we fought for the victims in other countries that Freedom 424 works to rescue.

My job as a volunteer was to write the names of foreign victims on the arms and tags of my fellow runners. From a list of 73 recently rescued individuals, we each wore a name. It was so incredibly humbling to see how people reacted to the fact that, they weren’t just there to run. They were there paying a due that by tomorrow, will be on its way in a relief effort to save a life – A life just like the one who’s name they wore.

One of our directors said it perfectly in our starting line prayer – “Let each raindrop that falls on us today represent the tears that have fallen for those victims who we are fighting for.”  It was such an awesome experience working with the R4TL team volunteering and running today, I just couldn’t help but share a few moments.



Image wpid-0111140919.jpg


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