The New Bikini Body Rule I Beg You Not to Follow

Too pale, Flabby arms, Muffin Tops, Not enough gap between your thighs, and God forbid – Dimp City in the bum region. In case there weren’t enough reasons our bikini bodies are all wrong –

The Perfect Bikini Body Club is proud to welcome its newest rule. Meet the “Bikini Bridge”


Instagram – E News

“Bikini Bridge” – the gaps between your bottoms and your hip bones when you’re lying down. Please let me make this clear. This entire trend was begun by a 4chan user who wanted to test the women of the world by creating a fake body trend. After fake celebrity posts and tweets supporting the “bikini bridge”, this internet prank has made itself a mainstream thing.


A Screenshot I took 1/10/14 of my research findings.

Whoever started this – I don’t think they realize what they have done to the bodies and minds of thousands of women. Not to pull the Eating Disorder card, but statistics show that 8 million Americans fight eating disorders every day. If the goal here is to get your hipbones to stand out as much as possible – Does that concern anyone else besides me?

I’m sure they’re getting a kick out of their experiment. But a women’s insecurities are nothing to take lightly. We certainly do not. Now this craze poses a real threat to young women who’s confidence is structured around media’s standards of weight loss.


I mean, Babygirl, if you got it, flaunt it! If you’ve got the skinny-minny shape that happens to have a bridge, be proud of your body. I certainly do not have a cutsie little gap of space between my perfect pelvis and perfect bikini, accented by my gorgeous sun kissed skin. How many of us actually look like that? Sure, I’m working out so I look better for swim suit season. I’d like to have a cuter butt and smoother thighs, and maybe even abs.  But I’m working out for ME. Not for a Facebook update, or tweet, or Instagram picture. Not to be in the “Perfect Bikini Body Club”.

Because in the big picture, who’s the only one staring down your bridge – You.


And in the long run, I’ve noticed the more I love myself, the more people love me. The second I quit hating my curly hair, the compliments flood in. The day I got over being 6’1, the more people asked if I was a model. Maybe confidence is key after all.

Why can’t THIS type of body image go viral?


4 thoughts on “The New Bikini Body Rule I Beg You Not to Follow

    • You have a marvellous point! I’m looking forward to the day when individuals struggling with their weight and confidence will find the beauty in themselves without the pressure these “rules” put on them. One less challenge they’ll have to face on their way to loving themselves. Thanks for the comment!

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  2. Wow, Bikini Bridge?! Unless you are naturally that thin, this shouldn’t be a goal. Lucky you if you have a thigh gap and a bikini bridge, but I’m happy that my body is the way it is ❤

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