My Spirit Animal is The Giraffe: 23 Reasons You Would Hate Being Tall.


The only difference between me and this leggy lovely right here, is that giraffes travel in herds. I, on the other hand, am the only 6’1 girl I know. It’s disheartening really. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my own fault for surrounding myself with obscenely short friends. Maybe it was a subconscious denial action, but I always managed to make the shortest girls my friends. As if their shortness would rub off on me.

tally  shory  taller

(One of my best friends K. and I embracing our shortcomings…)

Any who, it turns out short girls make pretty great friends. And tall girls make pretty great high shelf reachers. So for all you 5-foot-somethings out there who THINK it would be great to be tall, here is

23 Reasons Why You Would Hate Being Tall.

1. You  have to slouch in movies or else people get mad.

2. You had to give up the kids’ menu in 4th grade.

3. The only thing petite about you is your shoe collection.

4. If you have ugly ankles, you’re screwed. Because flooding – it’s inevitable.

5. He’ll never be able to pick you up and spin you around like they do in the movies.

6. That goes for the precious tiptoe kiss too.

7. You’ve taken permanent residence in the back row of photos.

8. You have to talk him into letting you wear heels

9. When you finally get your way, you see his point.

10. Your dress may be fingertip, but you’ve still got more leg than all the girls in the club.

11. So it becomes a shirt.

12. Nothing says “What a cute romper” like a camel toe.

13. “Do you play basketball?”

14. “Volleyball?”

15. “How about running Track?”

16. Your excitement for that vacation to the Caribbean is instantly lessened once you see the legroom on the flight.

17. You ran out of weather related comebacks in 6th grade.

18. People think you’re a teacher

19. You wanted to call him a pervert, but he really had no idea you were only 16.

20. When it comes to hugs, you either have to crouch down a foot, or they’re gonna have to deal with your boobs in their face.

21. There is no such thing as a cute 1/2 inch heeled shoe.

22. You always forget to duck for low door frames – ouch.

23. “Hey, can you get that down for me?”

Just to wrap it up, Buzzfeed made it nice and simple for you.

– I still get a kick out of that!
Haha, special thanks to a few of my inspiration posts
Big_Knows_Best at Total Sorority Move

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