Jennifer Lawrence is a Breath of Fresh Air in a Cardboard Factory.

I’ll be honest, I’m usually the last one onboard the fanwagon when it comes to pop culture obsessions. For example, I didn’t watch Hunger Games until it was a few weeks settled into Redbox. And I was actively trying not to adore Jennifer Lawrence until I saw a photo of her photobombing Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes.


I had seen quite a few stellar quotes about confidence, body image, and just being yourself said by JLaw. But a friend of mine shared this image saying “This is why Jennifer Lawrence is perfect.” That’s when I just gave up being stubborn and agreed.

On the other hand, I’ve done my research and seen her critics, all of whom make great points. She is milking being a few sizes larger – not every comment has to be about food. Yes, she utilizes photo retouches despite her opinion that it’s a shame that the media expects and demands it. And she is neither the most classy nor the most mature celebrity on the Red Carpet today.

But the way I see it, as a human and not just another completely rabid fan, Jennifer Lawrence a shot of life. Is it not refreshing to see a little bit of personality and spunk behind the glitz and glam of the celebrity world? Is it not a relief to know it’s okay to eat what you want now and then? That you don’t have to relinquish your character to be successful in the spotlight. Maybe being the class clown can be more fun than the bully. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels like she can relate to the celebrity. Personally, I love how she’s become the queen of the foot-in-mouth statements.

Jennifer Lawrence won a Golden Globe for best supporting actress last Sunday for her role in “American Hustle”. She was wearing a lovely Dior gown (that made it’s own waves online shortly after her reveal – just another reason we love J-Law)

dior coltonlhaynesinstagram

After a smooch with her man, Nicholas Hoult, she worked her way up to the stage. (Not falling this time, I might add.) She gave a shaky, apologetic, awkward thank you speech which was nothing short of our expectation.

“I actually did watch all of the movies this year. Not all of them, but you know what I mean,” she said. “I can say the women this year, it’s such an honor to be nominated with you. I don’t know why it’s so terrifying. It’s obviously a good thing. I don’t know why I’m so scared. I’m sorry, but you guys were so incredible and unforgettable. I’m sorry I’m shaking so much, Don’t ever do this again.”
True to her reputation, she was just as charming and humble as ever. I mean – she begged the Golden Globes to never do this again. How can you not love that? I think I love most that she’s an real person. She is quick witted, but quicker to make a jab at herself. We all need to laugh at ourselves sometimes right? And she is making a great impact on all the younger girls who are watching her every move. She hasn’t forgotten that fact like countless other superstars do. Media isn’t just paparazzi invading their space and fashion magazines getting the perfect shot. It’s millions of fans waiting to see what their favorite star will do/say/think next.


Jennifer Lawrence is taking the elephant in the room and painting it red, would you not agree? It’s as if she refuses to be another stuffy product of the Hollywood factory – not just another cardboard cut out depiction of “perfect”. Don’t get me wrong, There are hundreds of amazing artists, actors, and actresses out there in the same boat. But how many of them are photobombing T-Swift, hmm?

The girl is gorgeous and incredibly talented in all her films. She is encouraging girls to feel beautiful with her heart first and her appearance second. She is making the world laugh. And she is being herself. What are the rest of the celebrities doing? Jennifer Lawrence, you have officially earned my respect and I wish you all the courage in the world in your next award speech!

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