#NoFilter #Overload #Instagram

I personally find it unfortunate that there is such a deficit of normal beautiful photos being uploaded to the internet today, that at least half of the images that end up on my Facebook timeline are followed by #nofilter. It’s so uncommon that when a normal picture does pop up, my friends feel the need to reassure me that it is indeed just a picture. No enhancements, edits, or filters.


Buzzfeed wrote an article called “How to Tell If Your Friends are #NoFilter Fakers on Instagram”. (How sad is that? That there are such articles written on the matter? I digress.) They explain how out of over 40 million photos uploaded a day, one of the most popular hashtags is #nofilter.

Does anyone feel like this is the fast track to us all blending into fake Instagram perfection?

I have nothing against photographers utilizing our technological advancements to improve their product. I just miss the days when I could see my normal gorgeous friends now and then. Your digitally enhanced perfect alter egos are beautiful and fun. If I had an Instagram, (I know, bring on the fire about how I don’t know what I’m talking about) I would probably be just as addicted. But you do realize no one knows what you really look like anymore, right? It’s getting out of hand!


This is beautiful best friend Sierra. This photo is slightly filtered via Instagram, but she actually looks like that. Many of the others are so dramatically changed that pounds are shed, eye color is changed, teeth glow, and your tan is so enhanced you practically change ethnicity. You literally can become anything you want to be with the magic of editing.

I’m really concerned! Huffington post recently published in an article about how we’re using “Selfie-Help Apps” to airbrush ourselves into a digital stupor. (READ THAT ARTICLE HERE http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/05/selfie-instagram_n_4391220.html) I can’t agree more. Now you can highlight, smooth and resize all your flaws away leaving nothing but altered perfection. Where is the limit?

We all edit our pictures now, even me. Who doesn’t want to look our best, especially since it will be on the internet forever. 

But if a picture’s worth a thousand words, I don’t want mine to say, my eyes don’t look like that, my skin isn’t that clear, my teeth aren’t that white, my waist isn’t that small.

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