What Kind of Girl Wears Lipstick to Class?

I’m probably the only girl in the world who feels this way,

But sometime between the age I was old enough to wear makeup and now, I got this idea in my head that I can’t wear lipstick unless I look like:

emma IGN/My Space host "Jennifer's Body" Screening - Arrivald 84th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals redd

I know, I know, girls wear lipstick all the time no matter how casual. And they look gorgeous! I love dressing up a little extra now and then too. But for some reason, I just can’t get myself to put on the dang lipstick. I feel like I look like I’m trying too hard.

However, it does make me feel pretty. It’s just a little lip color right? So I thought, why am I not doing this more often?


Why is this so intimidating to me? (via girlyana.com)

One of my favorite blogs everydayinadress.com was my inspiration. She has taken to wearing a dress every day since last February, simply because it makes her feel gorgeous.  She is coming up on her 365th day of feeling as amazing as she looks and owning her own style, blogging each day about the little things.



Why am I not taking her advice? Why not feel gorgeous every day? So, I’m taking baby steps. Starting by adding a little bit more lipstick into my fashion. Not everyday, but a little more often. In honor of the first day back to class tomorrow, I will be applying some ruby red. Everyone will drag into class wearing whatever they scraped out of the bottom of their laundry basket.

But I will be feeling like a million bucks.


11 thoughts on “What Kind of Girl Wears Lipstick to Class?

  1. I used to feel apprehensive about wearing lipstick, too, but now I’m a lipstick junkie. My current favorite color is Maybelline’s “Brazen Berry” which is an equivalent/dupe to Mac’s “Heroin.” I don’t know if you’re fan of purples/plum colors for lipsticks, but I think you’ll like it!

  2. Oh I know how you feel. My friend took me do a store and made me trie and buy strong colored lipstick. I wear it ever since and it is my favorite of many. But she HAD to do that, or I would never wear it. I felt like I do not know how to wear it. Like my whole face is just my lips. I had to adjust but I am ok with it, even forget I am wearing it. Though I do not wear it everyday 🙂
    Thank you for lovely words and a feature of my blog.

  3. I can totally relate!!! I always used to feel like lipstick was super formal and I felt over the top when I wore it but now I wear it all the time! I love lipstick and I feel amazing when I wear it!

    • Haha that’s awesome! I’m really pushing for the idea that it’s not about being conceited or self consumed when you put yourself first now and then. It really is about confidence!

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