I Would Look So Good In A Wetsuit.

First, I should say that nothing is set in stone. But since we’re all dreamers here, I just wanted my followers to be the first to know my next big adventure!


If everything goes according to plan, I will be Scuba Certified by May! I met with the instructor yesterday and we worked out a deal. I’ve got a few session dates to choose from but hopefully I’ll be ready in case I find myself in the Caribbean this coming summer. Who knows what will happen!

It’s been on the bucket list since last summer when I found out my friend’s entire family was certified. He was at the end of his training when I found out, so of course I bombarded him with questions. Finally, he let me go with him to get equipment and see for myself (maybe not his best idea). But did I not look so good in the attire? Is that not enough to sell the idea?

skuba scubi

They also invited me to watch his final dive!


So when my opportunity came, I was pretty excited. I was a little hesitant at first. Getting dive certification isn’t cheap. Especially since I happen to live so far inland I’m an entire Mountain region away from the east coast. However, my friend made a convincing argument. I can’t even consider going to the Caribbean without first getting certified. So, I finally caved and did some looking into the matter. Now, to be honest  I will probably be obsessing over it every day until I am petting a sting ray.  Or manta ray. Or 0ctopus.


The ocean has always fascinated me but I’ve only ever been twice that I can remember. I  feel like such a poser, I have no right to say I love the ocean! You know those people, who just don’t know enough about something to be as fanatic as they are? Well once I am an official diver, I can be as thrilled and wild and excited about the ocean as I want!

I can say, if things stick to the plan, I will be going through The Ski/Scuba Center. They’re known for there excellent instruction and equipment. Not to mention they’re nice as can be! I think the instructor was as excited as I am to have me on board.

skiscuba scubaflag


So, stay tuned if you’re up for following my adventure. I won’t know too much more until closer to summer, however. I do know this. If this works out, my friend will have made a monster.

2 thoughts on “I Would Look So Good In A Wetsuit.

  1. Taken, you will either fall in love with diving or you will fancy it for a while until the next big thing bites. Living away from the water can make it difficult. But do try and get to the ocean. The Caribbean would be best. Once you see the ocean you may be hooked. Good luck!

    • Its funny you say that because I just paid for my dive lessons this afternoon! I am very excited! My first ocean dive will be off St.Croix this May! Thanks for swinging by (:

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