Challenge, Accepted!


I told you so!  You remember my “What Kind Of Girl Wears Lipstick to Class” post the other day right? (Read here:

I’m only two days into this new semester, and I’m already feeling slammed. So, I may be short on time for sassy statement posts, but I’ll never be too short on time to make myself feel pretty.

I’m not saying be conceited, but I’m going to stand by my new opinion. If you don’t feel awesome, what are you doing? There’s no excuse why you shouldn’t love yourself. For me it’s a little more war paint now and then. Baby steps, right?

Do something special for YOU this week. YOU. I wanna hear about it! Post a comment! If you’re following only via Facebook, comment there! Then share with someone that  you want to feel as amazing as they are!


□  accepted

□ denied

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