“Work like a Beast, Look like a Beauty” – Blogilates

First Saturday of the new Semester,

I’ll be honest, I’m still freaking out. After first impressions, I feel confident in saying none of them will be easy. Studying full time and working almost full time at the shop, I’m going to have my hands full. But now I have some time to wrap my head around it, I’m going to try not to slip into an unhealthy pattern.

Because I’m only half way through my freshman year, I’ve still got that dreaded “Freshman 15” looming over me. I refuse to accept that it’s inevitable. But it’s gonna take more than refusing to accept it, it’s gonna take some work.

Thank Goodness for this cutie.


Cassey Ho, you’re a work out angel! I came across this loud, insane, peptacular lady surfing the YouTube. I’m preparing for –hopefully- a trip to the Caribbean next summer and I decided this is my time to be tiny and gorgeous.  I’ve been easing my way into the work out world with Cassey’s YouTube Series, Blogilates. Best 10 lbs I’ve ever lost.

And I am NOT done. I am gonna keep at it! I promise! Maybe I’ll even do a Before-After before my trip! I know I’m gonna be sticking with Blogilates the whole way!


I was thrilled to see the Blogilates made its way into the App world! Now I have this awesome App on hand whenever I want to feel the burn! If I didn’t have a smart phone though, I would buy her new DVD at the drop of a hat! It’s a great alternative if you don’t have access to the App. You can find it on Amazon for only $14.99


Then there is her fabulous website. www.Blogilates.com is a must go to if you want a little boost to get you ready for another work out. There you will find tons of helpful plans, recipies, workouts and calendars like this one.


Listen to me, I sound like a fitness junkie. I most certainly am not, but I just LOVE Blogilates! I’ve never been a work out person or a fitness chick. I’m not a runner, or a sweater.

I am, however, a healthier person thanks to the fabulous Cassey!  I’m even seeing results. Here’s my playlist:

1. What Makes You Bootyful Butt Challenge

2. Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge.

 3. As Long as You Love Me Love Handles Challenge

4. Inner Thigh Clarity Challenge | POP Pilates

5. POP Pilates: Beginner Inner Thighs | Invade London

6. Abs On Fire | POP Pilates

7. Victoria Secret Model Ab Workout

Well what are you waiting for? Go Check Her Out!

Not to shabby, eh?

Not to shabby, eh?



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