Confessions of a Sit Com Junkie.

My name is Phoebe and I am a Sit-Com Junkie. An Addict. A Binger. I find one sitcom and watch it every minute it is on, every episode of every season, at least twice until I find a new one.

First, it was Full House. Then the Cosby Show. And Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Then it was That 70’s Show.  Then Friends. Now, Big Bang Theory.

big bang

I know there are hundreds of great sitcoms out there, but I have absolutely no desire to watch any of them because I am watching Big Bang. It’s really quite a problem. It’s the only thing on TV I want to watch beside the occasional Real Estate show. (Currently watching Love it or List it. Only. No other Home shows. See my problem?)

It’s really quite something.  I really don’t make plans between the hours of 9 and 10:30 if I can help it, because I am just getting home from work. It is dinner time. And it is Big Bang time. And when plans come up between the hours of 9 and 10:30 I hesitate. I mean, do I really want to hang out with you people who I probably don’t even like, doing something I probably don’t really want to do? Especially when it involves breaking my relaxing evening routine?


But it’s really mostly about the show…

I would do something about it if I really felt the need. It’s a matter of turning the channel. But, no one is getting hurt right? It’s not inspiring any negative behavior. It’s not encouraging me to do bad things or overloading my mind with suggestive themes.

Not crazy

After all. It is science.

(Well, Physics.)

P.S. If you wanted to get me studio audience passes, you absolutely can. I will make you an honorary follower. But, do it quick before I find a new show.

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