I am Not a White Teeth Teen.

“The way they are, the way they seem is something else, it’s in the blood
Their molars blinking like the lights…”

I commend you Lorde.In her new album Pure Heroine, you will find Lorde’s opinion on many of society’s shortcomings. I personally find them to be the Anthems of the Underdogs. My current favorite happens to be White Teeth Teens.White Teeth Teens is about the superficial, pretty, rich, famous teenagers that are all the same with their pretty shiny fake white smiles.


I ask you, do you know those perfect girls? You know, the drop-dead gorgeous, better in every way, pampered, perfect young ladies that not-so-secretly rule the world. Working in a high end boutique downtown lets me see the loveliest, most well-off, most well-manicured walking models of perfection. The human in me makes me look down and say, why am I not wearing prettier clothes today? This outfit is so unflattering! Why isn’t my hair more perfect? What cute shoes, I need cuter shoes. Why can’t I be… Why am I not… I wish I was…


Not Sexy. Sexy is entirely too subjective. You may think you look sexy, but I may not. He may find that sexy, but his friend may not. Perfection however, is a little more objective. Our object in this case being, a Barbie Figure, a designer hand bag, a glistening tan, a perfect wind-tossed hairstyle, and a glow in their mouth.
Like the girls in the magazines.
Like the girls in Lorde’s song.
Like the girls I just am not

Here’s a quick look at Perfection by statistics:

If Perfection was measured by weight, (which in America, it basically is) according to the Weight-control Information Network, only 24% of US Women have BMI levels within the Healthy – Underweight range. Perfection of COURSE means you can’t be overweight. Right? As for the 76% of us left, no chance.
(Read here: http://win.niddk.nih.gov/statistics/index.htm)

If perfection is measured by fashion, The Louis Vuitton Brand recently made $37,140,000,000 in revenue off of the fashionably elite. Also, not me.

If Perfection is measured in wealth, Forbes magazine did a report in 2012 discussing the shrinking social class statistics.(Read here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/2012/09/11/americas-middle-class-shrinks-further-now-blacks-and-whites-equally-broke/) The report, mostly on middle class, also commented on the upper class “situation” –
“The Rich also fell down a notch. Only 17 percent said they were part of the honorable cool kids of American society, down from 21 percent in 2008.” The article continues to say “Social mobility remains something you’re born with, the study suggests.” That’s not too different than Lorde’s opinion about it running in your blood.

I am not rich, I am not skinny, and I am not currently holding a Louis Vuitton bag.
I do not meet the qualifications of being a “perfect girl”. I mean, it seems awfully hard. There is no margin for error, and I err a lot. I would probably suck at being perfect.


The song ends “I’ll let you in on something big
I am not a white teeth teen
I tried to join but never did”.

Me too, Lorde… Me too.


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