#AerieReal for Real Women

Brace yourselves ladies. Because Aerie has done it. A full scale remodeling of their modeling! All natural ladies, all body types, all Real. That’s right. Aerie is ditching the Photoshop!


Wrinkles, stretch marks, tattoos. Our new models bare all when they sport the new underthings line #AerieReal. What I adore is, this brand is specifically targeted to young women, especially teenagers.So, we’re starting at the baseline, with the girls who need to know their flaws are what make them gorgeous. Shopping for underthings can be kind of intimidating and embarrassing at first. You remember your second bra trip right? The first time you were so thrilled to be old enough to wear such a thing. But the second time, having to address your most vulnerable areas? Where everyone in the store can see you? Especially when you don’t look like that airbrushed¬†Aphrodite in the window.


Not anymore. We want our girls to know how amazing they are! I’ve loved how Aerie has always emphasized that you don’t have to be sexy. Now they are starting an advertising revolution by featuring real girls. Oh, I’m so proud, I wish I was on that marketing team.

But wait there’s more! If you would prefer shopping online. You can search and find your bra on a model your same size! No way. Yes way. It’s real. They match your size to your model so that you can really see how that lovely purple push up will look.


Oh Aerie. We love you!

See for yourself!

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