Ain’t No Body Got Time For Thass.

Thass. Thut. Whatever you call it. It’s that awful little sushi roll where your butt meets your thighs. I’ll admit I too suffer from the dreaded thass. Many of you who also struggle with the thass may not realize that your derriere and your upper thighs are entirely separate things.  At least they should be. Unfortunately all those McDoubles have given your tush a double chin, and those separate body parts seem to conjoin.

Woman Grabbing at Her Buttocks

We all want that perky shelf for our backside, do we not? Its time to look alive people! Summer is around the corner, it’s time to realize your dream! There are entirely too many bikini line debuts at hand. Now is the time to break out the gym shorts and sweatbands.

I’m just here to tell you that you are not alone. Millions upon millions of women struggle with their tushy, myself included. Swim suit season is the most stressful time for us ladies.  You are a gorgeous girl and you deserve to feel like a bombshell in your swimwear. It’s as easy as setting a goal and reaching it. Then set another goal. Then reach it. Baby steps until you’ve found that bum you’ve been dreaming of!

booty blaster

I’m working hard! I’m following Cassey Ho’s Blogilates series. And I took a major step. I ordered the bikini of my dreams, importing it all the way from Italy. It has this little bitty heart for tanning and I just adore it! Kiskin Italy, you do wonders!


Now it’s time for me to do some wonders! I’m working out every day. I’ve cut the fast food, sodas, and juices. I am also considering buying a blender so I can start having breakfast smoothies. I think it’s the healthy alternative to Cinnamon Poptarts every morning! I’ve made friends with the water cooler at work, and I’m guzzling glass after glass all day.

Before you know it, that Thass will be “That A**!”


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