It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas.

I’ve enjoyed my past few snow days! I managed to break the car door handle trying to pry the frozen thing open. That was a bonus. I didn’t get into many wrecks, but I can’t say much about my fellow drivers. How about you guys? Have you had a safe and happy little break?

Shout out to Historic Market Square Knoxville’s Facebook Page. You always remind us that although we just survived a highly dangerous winter vortex, we’re still beautiful. Thanks for the pictures!

Photo: Historic Market Square, Knoxville Tue Jan 28 courtesy of !Oodles Uncorked, Scruffy City Hall Market Square Speakeasy and Preservation Pub still open!!!that's really all you need for a Market Square Barhop! wpid-0128141656.jpgPhoto: Snow!


4 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas.

  1. I’m getting cold just looking at the pictures! Still, seeing snow everywhere must be quite a vision! Definitely a far contrast from what I’ve grown up seeing in good ole southern California! Brr. Keep warm, Phoebe!

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