For the Birthday Girl!

In honor of her birthday, this midnight edition post is dedicated to my best friend Kelly! So, here they are.
19 things you will absolutely not understand unless you are Kelly.

Happy Birthday Kell!

“Like a tea tray in the sky”
“Is mom gonna meet us at the top of the elevator?”
“Can I 5five your face?”
“Can you, cut off your hair, and like, send it to me?
“Ghost Cows!”
“You’ve lost your muchness…”
“It’s a Star. It’s a plane… It’s a message from God.”
“Shirley Tamples”
“You got them Candy Kisses girl”
“Is that a fluffy poodle, or a dead tree?”
“I know a man with a goat! Great! I can do this!”
“Moody Funeral Home!”
“It’s the Activity Bus”
“Ok Furniture Store”
“Pppst… Kelly…”
“I’m Choking… Quick here’s some fruit gushers.”
“Well he’s not the prettiest ugly person in the world”

Happy Birthday Sweetie! 19 looks so good on you!


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