I Digress,


Don’t you remember when your precious baby blog was taking its first steps? Making friends? Growing up too fast?
My sweet blog just turned a month old a few days ago, and I’m taking this time to review what I’ve learned so I can hit the ground running!

My biggest problem is, I’ve written a TON on impact/trending topics. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and received so much support. Also, I’ve received a ton of feed back on how much these big subjects have meant to people. I really enjoy writing like this, but that wasn’t quite my plan!

I’m afraid I’m on the fast track to becoming very impersonal. This week I’ve joined Bloglovin and become a SIT girl, and that means more visitors! So, I decided, what better time to jump back on track with a little more personality. I was always shooting for a girly sweet little diary-style blog. A life blog.

With more pink too, like my new background.
and food,
and adventures,
and college problems,
and dogs in tutus.

Tomorrow I might post entirely about dogs in tutus.
Have a great day, see you then!
dogs in tutus


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