His Favorite Valentine

I know after all those years without having a Valentine to call our own, as women, we begin to feel entitled during Valentine’s Day. We’ve suffered alone so often that every year, we expect our men to make it up to us. We need bigger teddy bears, more expensive flowers, and fancier chocolates. We want them to shower us in adoration right? I know I’m totally guilty. So, now and then we need to show them how much we appreciate it! This year, instead of dragging him to a sappy love tragedy, I want to take my man to see the Lego Movie! I know it would set this Valentine’s day apart from all the others. (Plus, I really want to see it too!)

In honor of my wonderful guy, and our wonderful plan, I’m sharing the results of a pinterest project a few weeks ago!

Lego Brownies! I know, brilliant! I didn’t think to take pictures during the process, but it was super straightforward. And fun!

First, I just baked some brownies according to the directions of the box.
Then I mixed up some vanilla frosting in separate bowls, adding food coloring to each one.
I mixed them to match the color of the M&Ms, and counted out how many I would need.
Then I sliced, frosted, and plated my masterpiece.
I even mixed in a secret ingredient. A surprise! My guy had no idea I was baking for him, so he was almost as excited as I was to see the finished product. I think that’s what made them so yummy. Since it sure wasn’t my presentation, look at that mess!


They weren’t perfect but they sure were tasty! And for a first try, not too shabby huh? He loved them, I loved them, and we can’t wait for another special V-Day. Bring on the Legos!


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