Snow Day Cravings

If you haven’t heard, the southern half of the United States is expecting a “catastrophic” snow storm to hit today and tomorrow. By this morning, over 3,100 flights have been cancelled out of Atlanta. All the schools in the area have closed for precautions and we have called in the National Guard. Our grocery stores are bare and the hatches are batten down. It’s basically Snowmageddon.

Who knows how long it’ll last, maybe it’ll blow right over! But I’m mentally preparing myself for the oncoming cabin fever. All I can do is blog, pin, and do laundry. So after I threw a load in the washer, I thought I would get right down to it.

So here are my Snow Day Cravings Day #1


1. Salted Caramel Mocha – These really are the death of me. I always want them when I can’t have them. Then, when Starbucks is selling them, I’m just not interested. I don’t even know if these are still in season. But I know I definitely wish I had one now.

2.  Joan of Arc boots by Sorel. I have been craving a pair of these for 3 years. I never bought them because it rarely snows in the south. Except this year. We have been absolutely dumped on and my riding boots just don’t keep out the cold anymore.  Here’s the kicker, I’m 6’1 with a size 12 foot. So don’t expect cute shoes on this blog – ever. They don’t make cute shoes in size 12. BUT, I would definitely squeeze into an 11 if they are as cute as these Sorels.

3. A photo shoot that makes people’s jaw drop. I firmly believe every girl should have a photo shoot that makes her feel like a bombshell.  I have a gorgeous red long dress in my closet, so if the weather permits, I might call up Mr. Rocky and see if he’s up for an impromptu snowy photo shoot. It may be cold, but it’ll be so hot!

4. That Coat. I’m not sure who designed it, or the model. But since blogging, my fashion radar has gone way up. For the first time, I’m craving a gorgeous fur coat.  That white is absolutely gorgeous too. She looks amazing. (And warm.)

5. Cuddling in front of the fire. I would give up all of the above to be with my man today. I know I won’t seem him for a few days, but maybe that will make Valentine’s Day more special. All I know is he has a warm fireplace at his house, and he is enjoying it without me.

6. S’mores. I really should have gotten S’mores stuff at the grocery store this morning. The oven version isn’t quite the same, but a s’more is a s’more. If I can get over to my guy’s fireplace, that is SO happening this week.

Well, the snowflakes are starting to fall. I’m considering a time lapse for tomorrow. Hour One, Hour Two, Hour Three of Snowmageddon.
Have a safe and lovely day (:


2 thoughts on “Snow Day Cravings

  1. Sounds like my love affair with Starbucks too. Can’t believe such a huge snow storm is happening where you are — it was 83 today in Los Angeles! It’s insane. I’ll need to see pics, if you dare to go outside (I probably wouldn’t!)

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