Strawberries and Snow


It’s the biggest snow to hit Knoxville in 10 years. My little town got buried overnight. Just in case we were trapped in for Valentine’s day, I went ahead and purchased these little beauties a few days ago. And the best DIY Chocolate Strawberries’ dip Dolci Frutta. I think it was about $5, which isn’t bad considering you our local chocolateir sells a set of 6 berries for $10 during February. I know, it’s outrageous. So I improvised.


The first time I tried using Dolci, I didn’t read that the chips will hold their shape even if they’re melted. You have to stir them to make the dip. Last time, I saw them holding their chip shape and thought they needed to heat up more. I burned the whole batch.

straw 5

I tried a couple tips and tricks to not make a mess. But I got covered in chocolate no matter what I tried (Not a complaint!)



Aren’t they a beauty?  While I let them cool, I took my baby girl outside. You haven’t met Godiva yet have you? This is my bobtail babe, Godiva. She thinks she’s a mountain cat, but she’s actually a pansy. I love her though.

wpid-0213141148b.jpg wpid-0213141150a.jpg wpid-0213141152.jpg

It was fun outside at first. Once she jumped in, the snow went up to her hind socks! After a while, we were slipping around in the snow too much and decided it’s safer inside. We hope wherever you are today, you’re warm, safe, and eating something tasty too!

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