Need Softer Skin for Valentine’s Night?


Have you had your coffee yet? Have you taken your morning shower yet?Yes? Well go back and do it again! Because tonight is Valentine’s night! You really need softer skin than you have right now. You deserve your sexiest skin ever, and I have just the trick! I use it every special date night, it’s my tried and true method so my most touchable skin.

coffee ground

Believe it or not, coffee grounds are nature’s magic. Your pores will love the caffeine and with a little scrub, you’ll have nothing but soft, hydrated refreshed skin. I might not even be following Dr. Oz’s method, but my way sure works!

1. Scoop those extra grounds out of the coffee filter.

2. Go ahead a shower. Scrub hard and shave down. Leave some suds on.

3. Turn off the water so you don’t rinse off your grounds before your skin can absorb the caffeine. That will even help beat cellulite!

4.  Grab little pinches of the grounds and begin massaging them onto your skin. I focus on one limb at a time.

5. Be very gentle around eyes and nose. You don’t want those little grounds in there!

5. After it sits a little, turn the water back on and rinse off the grounds. You probably made a mess out of your shower so don’t forget to rinse that off too so it doesn’t stain!



I know, you think I’m crazy! Look it up! But look it up after you try it now! You have no time to waste – tonight is your night! Get the most irresistible skin you’ve ever had. Trust me, your man will thank me! I mean, you!

Have a great night ladies! Be safe, be smart, be sexy!

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