C’est la Vie, Frugality.


Hello all,

So I’ve been feeling disheveled lately with a bad case of the adventure bug. I feel like everyone who has ever lived has dreamed of a life of travel. How could they not? But after 7 months of intense saving, I’m starting to see why not everyone could live this dream. Travel is expensive. It’s disheartening looking at the numbers at first, and it makes Spain and Greece and Ireland seem a lot farther away. I’ve done well to save towards my upcoming summer Caribbean trip, but to live the Life? To be the person who’s been places and seen things beyond imagination? Those dreams are too big for me.

I got the chance to talk to some people who’s had the opportunity to see the world – and lots of it. They’ve all told me the same thing. Live frugally. Start saving right now. So the defensive toddler in me yelled, “I have! I have been, and it’s hard! I have been and look how far I’ve come. Barely anywhere! It’s all a hopeless waste!”

They explained to me then, that it’s not just about saving your nickels. If I really want a life bursting with adventures abroad, I can’t just save money. I have to change my lifestyle. Skipping the fast food and passing up that dress on sale isn’t going to cut it forever. You have to change your mindset.



I’m going to need to adopt this quote. “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” To me, this means that nothing will  enrich your life more than experiencing it. Owning that necklace is going to make you feel pretty for the next 3 date nights, but kissing the Sphinx will be a memory you will have forever. Knowing me, I would loose that necklace anyway.


But most importantly, I learned by reading frugality blogs and talking with experienced adventurers (and budgeters alike – if budgeters is a word)…  I learned that I have some major lifestyle changes to make if I really truly want to see Italy and Egypt and the Netherlands. Over the next few – well, years hopefully- I will be keeping myself inspired to live simply and sparingly. For now I’m keeping my eyes on these lovely 5, who just seem to get it!






So, stay tuned to see how to see how that goes – the transition from frivolous Phoebe to frugal Phoebe! Traveling will always be expensive, but C’est La Vie…That’s life.



5 thoughts on “C’est la Vie, Frugality.

  1. Hey darling, fellow travel buff here! I found it a lot easier to travel within Europe when I lived in the UK – especially seeing that it takes 24 hours to fly there from Oz. Have you thought about that option? I lived rather frugally while I was there, earning a pittance but I knew it was only for 2 years and i got to see some and do amazing things while I was there 🙂 xo

    • Of course! I would love to live in Europe, but I have a boyfriend and a job here. And hopefully a real career soon. It makes the thought of living outside the US so scary. I think I would be good at it though. Remind me to ask about your experiences (:

      • Could boyfriend come with you? Or the job be done in Europe? Maybe a position opens up with a US company in a European office? I’m a total hypocrite, dreaming of living abroad while me and my little family are definitely going to stay in the US because of my fear of lack of baby-sitters. :p Popping over from 20SB.

      • That’s all on my hopes and dreams list. People look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them I want to take French and German after my 2nd Spanish Class. I’m studying Advertising and everyone in the world advertises right? (: So, hopefully the travel gods will bless my plans. Thanks for visiting!

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