10 Ways to Prevent a Prom Disaster.

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Have you gotten your prom dress magazines in the mail yet? I know it seems early, but you’re only about 2 months away! I bet your man is already planning your intricate date proposal.I remember my senior prom like it was just last year. No really, it was last year. Now looking at my gorgeous friends growing up and getting ready for their formal events, oh it just brings back memories. Good and Bad. So before you lovely young lasses waltz yourself off into a stupor, you need to be prepared. From the girls who have been there and done that, we give you…

Everything you need to know to have a perfect prom. Let’s get started!

1. Start budgeting. You’re mommy isn’t going to want to buy everything. And just think, that extra five dollars a week, starting this early is a major difference in shoes money. You won’t have to cut corners in the end and you will be so thankful. That eyebrow wax – worth every penny.

2. If you haven’t already filled a Pinterest board, you might want to start looking. I’m not saying go crazy, but know what colors you like, and what hairstyles work. I met with my hair girl on prom day and said, make me look 60’s. It turned out ok, but it wasn’t my vision. And if you can afford a test run, do a test run a few days in advance.

3. Makeup. Also crucial to have a plan for makeup. Please don’t go overboard and do 17 different colors with glitter. You are a beautiful girl, so don’t let your makeup take over your face. Your style accents you. You don’t accent your style. But still, have a plan. I didn’t have a plan and ran out of time for eye shadow.

4. Dates. Listen closely because this one deserves a few bullet points. You don’t need one to have fun, or be amazing. Your crush is probably extremely shy. Believe me. I had to ask my crush (gasp, I know) and he rejected me at first (gasp, I know) but you know what? I asked again (gas- well you get the point). Best decision of my life. All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.

5. Prepare said date. Don’t expect too much, he’s clueless. Let him know the plan and keep him updated when it comes to the schedule, the arrangements, and the little details. He has no idea what a corsage is either. Just explain the run down and try not to scare him. Make sure you know who gets tickets, where/if you’re eating somewhere, who drives where… things like that. But remember it’s his prom too. So discuss.

6. Communicate with your family. Don’t leave them out of the process. And keep your cellphone charged so you can call them in case of an emergency. Like your friends getting in a car wreck on the way to IHOP and getting interviewed by cops and praying the punch wasn’t spiked. True story.

7. Back to pre-arrangements, do everything early. If you must order your dress, do it early to allow time for alterations. It helps having that Pin board and knowing what you want. This applies for shoes too. Break those bad boys in ALOT. And if you don’t need heels DON’T DO IT. 

8.  If you’re into keepsakes, find a good photographer. You don’t need to spend 1,000 dollars. But you do deserve to look beautiful. You want to find someone who will capture your moment, not take your picture. My lovely Christina here had her photos taken by an amazing photographer named Chris Roberts. (https://www.facebook.com/chrisrobertsfilm)

9. Safety pins. Safety pins. Safety pins. I saved 3 dresses my senior prom – one of which I salvaged by using only my bobby pins. You’ll thank me when your best friend rips her dress. Whatever cheesy emergency kit list you find is worth it. You’ll probably need it. Especially more lipstick and deodorant (just don’t accidentally get either on your date).

10. Stick to the budget. Remember the one you made in step one? Don’t cut corners, but do mind a deal. Can you borrow your cousin’s shoes from her prom last week? Do you really need a bedazzled clutch?  If your friend is amazing at hair, use them instead of paying costly hairdresser fees! I have never had to pay to get my hair done for a formal event, and I also never spent money on fake nails. I just had my friends curl and polish me up! Remember, this is one night. You don’t have to break the bank and it’s really all about the experience anyway!

Ladies,  I’ll be back on this topic towards April. Don’t forget to share with your entourage so they have a great night too. It’s more fun as a team effort after all! So get sharing and get started! I can’t wait to hear stories and see your pictures! Remember, you deserve the perfect prom. You’ll never be in high school again, so make it count!

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