Tennessee Weather Mood Swings No. 3: Tornado Watch


We may not be used to massive snowstorms, but here in Tennessee, we are familiar with freak bipolar weather! Just a few days ago we were all out of school building snowmen. Then yesterday, we wore skirts and flip flops for the first heavenly 70 degree day of the year. Then tonight, our local weather stations have sent out the Tornado Watch alerts.

This magnificent photo (Taken by Standford Myers of the Tennessean) shows a beautiful lightning storm over Nashville’s Parthenon. Unfortunately, this storm hasn’t been as kind as it is lovely. Downed trees, high winds, and power outages are plaguing Middle Tennessee and heading towards my city. It should be an interesting night, but hopefully not too bad. Those extra powerful thunder booms, the ones  that shake the house, they awaken the 5 year old in me. I will try my best to fight the urge to run to the couch with my pets and stuffed animals. But no promises.

So if I survive the night,

TAKE THAT TENNESSEE WEATHER! If I get the chance in the next few days, I’ll include some damage pictures! Have a Safe Day!

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