A Beautiful Day For a Drive.




spitfire3  spitfire


It’s a beautiful day for a drive! If you’ve never ridden in an antique, you really are missing out! My guy’s got a 1971 Spitfire Triumph, and man is it a beauty! It’s my first ride of the year, and I couldn’t have picked a better day! It feels like spring although they’re predicting more snow (yay…) so after church we took the top off, started her up, and cruised through the neighborhood.

It was a little too bright for pictures, so these are a little older. But it was a blast all the same! The poor gal’s come a long way. It was in a garage for 30 years before my my guy started fixing it up.

spitfire2 spitfire1

Once they got it running safely, I got to be the first official passenger! Even though it’s not my car, it’s very special to me. It was my guy’s Valentine’s Day surprise last year. (I had it secretly detailed – best idea I’ve ever had) Now I’m just dying for more warm weather so we can go cruising again! I’ve missed my sweet Spitfire!

spitfire5  spitfire4


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