Love Thy Neighbor


Today is a great day for a story. On Tuesday, my Sunday School leader shared this story with our class. Last week, we had been discussing what our youth had learned in their worship conference. One of the local missions they went on involved our homeless community in Knoxville. We talked about how they addressed the homeless as “Neighbors” and were learning how to live to show mercy, humility, and God’s love.


Here’s what he had to say.

“I was eating a Pop Tart for breakfast this morning and it reminded me of something that happened on Sunday after we left church.

As some of you know, we had Pop Tarts in Sunday School and had a few left over. As Laura and I left church, we came to an intersection where there was a homeless man standing at the corner. We immediately started talking to each other trying to figure out if we had anything to give him. Neither one of us had any money and we both had given away our homeless kits we made this past summer. Laura mentioned that we had some Pop Tarts left over from Sunday School. I hopped out of the car quickly and handed the man 4 packs of Pop Tarts then hurried back to the car before the light turned green. The man thanked me, and immediately started putting the packs of Pop Tarts in his pockets, except for one. He took the one pack, slowly opened it, and started eating the Pop Tart in very small bites. Laura and I both looked at each other and just said, “wow.” It was a gut wrenching image. Those Pop Tarts may have been the only thing this man had to eat all day.

I am in no way sharing this story to toot our own horn because we gave this man some food, but I am sharing this story because it puts a lot of things in perspective. I can eat Pop Tarts, or really anything I want, any time that I want to. This poor man can’t. And there are plenty of people like that all around us. If you still have your homeless kits we packed together, make sure that they find a home. And this week, really be thankful for what you have. We are far more fortunate than most.”

Thank you Richard for sharing this story, reminding us to show Love in all we do, and remember not to underestimate our actions.


Luis Velázquez via Flikr


Luis Velázquez via Flikr


Luis Velázquez via Flikr

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