Studying Doesn’t Have To Suck.

I had an hour to kill after class today, so I thought I’d take advantage of the sunshine! Plus with 2 tests later this week, I could use the study time. So I thought, why not go to my favorite restaurant? It’s on the way between school and home, plus I can get a full tray of mozzarella sticks for $6. It was the perfect chance to crack open the books! I was able to finish like 40 problems of Calculus no sweat!

wpid-0224141413.jpg wpid-0224141407a.jpg

I originally wanted to sit out on the porch in the sunshine, but it was a little too chilly for that. Luckily the restaurant was practically empty, so I had a big window seat all to myself inside! Check out that view of the Tennessee River!This is what I’m talking about – find an environment that makes you want to study. Find a place that makes studying less awful. When there’s roommates, TV, and Twitter around, it’s hard to buckle down and focus. Today at Calhoun’s, I just had my books and my snack. That made all the difference and I’m sure I’ll be making a pattern out of this!

wpid-0224141406b.jpg wpid-0224141406a.jpg

 wpid-0224141405b.jpg wpid-0224141438a.jpg

One thought on “Studying Doesn’t Have To Suck.

  1. That looks great! I completely agree, studying doesn’t have to suck. Fortunately for me I get a “spring break” from my MBA next week (who knew MBAs had spring breaks?) so I’ll have a little break! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

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