For My Lovers Of The Light.


As soon as my friend Karson uploaded this picture to Facebook, I knew I had to steal it. Could I have chosen a better overlay quote? Mumford & Sons always seems to be just what I need. Actually, I was playing “Hopeless Wanderer” when I got my 95th follower. I’m so overwhelmed with joy I just can’t take it.

I also didn’t realize just how many readers I have. Not every regular reader clicks the “follower” button. So I’ve decided, what better time to start up an official Facebook fan page. This will give both my regular readers and my followers a chance to visit and see what’s new in the TBTL world. They will get a first look at all my posts as well as behind the scenes access, and be able to connect and give feedback. I really appreciate every second someone checks out Taken By The Lapels. I thank all of you for your visits and support! You all really are my light and I love you!

So keep your eyes out for the official TBTL Official Facebook Page, going live sometime this week! I’ll be working hard to get it up and running, but in the mean time,
Keep Loving the Light

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