The Dog Days Are… Just Beginning


The Dog Days Are  Over  Just Beginning.

This handsome boy belongs to a very good friend of mine Miranda, who – hopefully- will let me officially exploit her dog’s cuteness. Just look at that face – He really wants Summer to come back. The good news is we’re only a few months away from warm weather, hikes, trips to the lake, convertible rides, and lots and lots of fetch.


How’s everyone holding up? I’m personally missing the spritz of Spring we had in my city. 3 luxurious days of sunshine made me spoiled. Who else got spoiled in that heat wave? I’ve never loved 68 degrees more in my life. I know I’m gonna keep very busy this summer – I’ve used up all my boredom for the year after all those Snow Days. I’m ready to get out there and play!

Next Wednesday is photoshoot day with RC Photography and hopefully we can bring some Spring into this chilly blog! Goodbye Winter – and Good Riddance!


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