Ad Woman To Be


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today about my future in the Advertising world, and my intentions with my blog.  I guess I’m preparing my audience for the impending addition.

See, next spring, I will be transferring to the University of Tennessee into the Advertising program. Only I won’t just be another Ad Student. I want to be one of the Best Creatives in the Advertising Industry in the coming years. I love amazing advertising, and I want to create amazing advertising.  Unfortunately, I am focusing on the boring core academics. So, I have absolutely no basis for my future besides passion. Do you how hard it is being so clueless about something you want so much? ( No guys, I’m not talking about women…) Also, I know once we all get settled into the semester, my fellow ad students and I will all be racing for internships. If you want any hope of breaking into this industry, you better have some kind of experience. So, that’s pretty scary.

My original plan was to use my blog as a portfolio for my work – as soon as I got some projects begun at UT. I guess I got too early of a start and fell in love with lifestyle blogging. That’s not a bad thing right? I guess I need to keep my future career in mind as I continue to blog. Is it unprofessional to have a lifestyle, adventure, and student portfolio blog? What do you think – How many of you have used blogging to support a future career?


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