Rocky, I’m so sorry.

Dear Rocky Caughron,

I’m sorry. I dragged your photography business into my busy world of blogging. I made you take my photos. For hours. In the cold. I made you bring your cousin to be an assistant. I made you take 40 sets. And now I’m going to make you edit and process 10,000 pictures. I made you park in the garage, and shoot impossible shots on the roof at night – without a tripod. I made you take pictures in a bar. I can’t express how sorry I am. You are just the best. All around the best experience I’ve had with a camera on me – and that’s saying something. You boys were so professional and so creative and I can’t wait to model again soon!


Rocky’s Photography formally known as RC Photography is currently in the process of updating the company’s name, contact info, but you can find more details on Rocky’s business and his gallery, click right here! &  This Ad and this picture came from last years shoot with Rocky. Really, you ought to check him out – especially since he’ll be around a lot more here on TBTL!

Rocky, There’s a special holding place in my sidebar for your new Ad. Can’t wait to see it, and my edits! You do magic!



One thought on “Rocky, I’m so sorry.

  1. Sorry? ….. No, no, no … I had a blast shooting with you last night. There is nothing at all to be sorry for. I love what I do or I wouldn’t be doing it and you make a great model. Still not sure how we managed to shoot in a bar and having you swinging from someone’s gate without getting run off or arrested but we did 🙂 I can’t wait to get through the images.

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