Watch out Barbie, Lammily Dolls are here to say “Average is Beautiful”

Dear Barbie,

When I was little, I didn’t mind your tiny waste, your tallness, your perfect make up and hair (until I cut it and sharpied on it.) I didn’t mind your foot, molded only to wedge into heels. You had every job and adventure set a girl could dream of. You were so thin and gorgeous – the perfect grown up.

photo Krista Borden, stylist Laura, Job#0846108

But Barbie… I’m sorry, but I’m not quite as impressed as I once was. I’m a grown up now, and I’m not seeing a tiny waste. I’m tall, but I’m awkwardly tall, and I would never try to make it worse with heels. My makeup never looks like that. I don’t remember you having bad hair days. In all honesty, being a grown up is a lot harder than I pretended it would be, when we would play.

You’ve really let me down Barbie. I thought we were friends. You filled me up with unrealistic expectations. I wish you had been more average. Thank goodness there’s a new doll coming to the market. Little girls will have a friend to play with that looks like their babysitters, their doctors, their teachers, and their moms. I think this is what little girls should be seeing when they pretend “grown up life” with their dolls.


If you haven’t met this doll, it is taking the media by storm. The Lammily doll was designed by Nickolay Lamm to reflect a realistic image of young adults. Lamm went to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and accessed the body proportions of an average 19 year old woman. He then used these measurements to mold a new friend for girls to play with – a real girl.


“Rather than criticizing [Barbie], we should make a proof of concept to show that a doll can actually look good if she were a normal woman,” Lamm told USA TODAY Network. She will promote a healthy lifestyle. She is fit and strong, she has style and is fun. Lammily will have bendable elbows, wrists, knees and feet. She will come in different ethnicities and body shapes, but all designs will be of healthy typical women.


Lammily will be an alternative to dolls with unrealistic beauty standards that dominate the market, like Barbie, or the hypersexualized Bratz Dolls. I personally can’t wait to see the impact this amazing little lady will make on the next generation. They’re expected to release in November. It may take some time, but with a little support Nickolay Lamm and Mattel are ready to show the world that Average is Beautiful. You can support Lammily dolls by going here: The, don’t forget to like it, share it, tweet, it and  pin it to spread the world


Barbie, you’ll always have a place in our hearts. And probably on our daughter’s shelves. But there’s always room for another friend, especially one as great as Lammily. I think it’s about time to show our girls that we love them for being real and being themselves. To me, that is perfect.


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