Ssekos and Florals and Scarves, Oh My!

sseko floral  scarff

I can’t being to express my excitement that spring is almost here! Our sunny days are slowly beginning to outnumber the chilly overcast ones – but I’m trying not to jinx it. We almost had a Spring day a few weeks ago, but the next day it snowed. So I’m being very cautious as not to upset Mother Nature. But I can say, I’m SO ready.

Yesterday I went a little overboard and bought 4 pairs of pastel skinnies. Peach, Baby Blue, Robin’s Egg Blue, and an Aztecy pattern. However, I do not have enough floral and bright scarves, which is a big no-no. I do have a pair of the greatest shoes on Earth – two actually. But I have boring laces, and that just won’t do either. The good news is, once I get through these rougher winter paychecks and my works shifts pick up, I will be able to replenish on the Spring Must Haves! So expect lots of  Sseko tutorials, maybe a How-To-Scarf set, and lots of cute floral!

– Oh and this hat. I need this hat.




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