8 Things That Make Me Smile (Before 9:30am)


Hey Cuties! It’s my first real day of Spring Break, and actually I’m jetting out the door as we speak! Nashville Bound! Gonna spend the day at Opry Mills, but there’s 3 hours between it and me. So, I’ll keep this short. Since there’s not many things that make me smile before 9:30 AM, I thought I’d share the few that do!

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1. Morning roadtrips aren’t complete without an easy car breakfast. Plus there’s always a good reason to make Chocolate chip muffins.

2. Lorde. Most definitely playing lots of her CD in the car. Hopefully my fellow passengers won’t mind my singing really loud. My favorite song right now is either Tennis Courts, or Glory and Gore.

3. Opry Mills. Destination! I have never been to Nashville, but I hear this is a must-stop. Plus they have a Lego Store. Shut up and take my money.

4. Sseko Sandals. The best shoe I have ever owned! These little beauties will be propped up on the dash, I guarantee. I really need some new laces, so hopefully I’ll come across some!

5. Disney Castle. Why is this here? Only because my best friend Auditioned in Nashville yesterday for Disney Parks. My girl made it all the way through the Finals and is waiting on the call to say they chose her.  She was born to be a Disney Princess – I’m not even worried. So, GO SI, LOVE YOU GIRL!

6. Godiva. My kitty baby! She terrorized me all morning because she really needed some pets at like 6 AM. But how can you say no to that face?

7. Fresh Flowers. Spring is here and I’m ready to try to plant a thing again! I may be in the Brown Thumb club but I will not be defeated! Not this year!

8. Calypso Lemonade (Peach, of course). I tried this for the first time in Myrtle beach with Si (Best Friend, Disney Princess To Be…) And she got me hooked. We filled our empty bottles with sand – but now we can’t find any filled with Lemonade. I know they sell it in Tennessee SOMEWHERE. I’m just really craving my favorite warm weather drink.

Short, sweet and to the point, am I right? Thanks for swinging by! I promise I’ll stop being lazy and start writing real stuff again soon. Not today though! I’ve got some shopping to do! XOXO

2 thoughts on “8 Things That Make Me Smile (Before 9:30am)

    • Sorry it took me so long to get back to this! Thanks for swinging by! I really am loving Glory and Gore at the moment. And Tennis Courts! How about you? What’s yours?

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