My First Trip to the Lego Store.

You’ll have to excuse me, grown up Phoebe has checked out for the week and my inner child has completely taken over. It’s Spring Break and I’ve managed to get 6 days of school free, work free, untamed fun. There is no one around to make me act like an adult and I’m loving it. That being said,


I went to the Lego Store. For the first time. That is the absolute coolest place – a perfect way to kick off Spring Break. Granted the building wasn’t made out of Lego bricks like I was expecting, you still should have seen me light up when I saw it. We were probably in there for over an hour. I just couldn’t get enough! It’s too bad the prices have gone up so much since I was younger. The sets cost practically double what they used to be. But, Hey. It’s Lego. They can do whatever they want and I will love them!

We went to the Nashville Opry Mills Lego Store. It was small, but just enough to be a blast. AND they carry Disney Princess sets now? I promise when I’m older and rich,  I’m gonna have a special corner of my Woman Cave reserved for all my future Disney Collection sets. I also intend to order a custom set – a Lego model of my future Mediterranean Dream Home. How amazing would that be? For this trip, we only got one set. But it’s safe to say I spent a good chuck of the morning building helicopter-turned-dinosaur-that-looks-more-like-a-kangaroo. It was awesome.

wpid-0310141252.jpg.wpid-0310141304.jpg         wpid-0310141258.jpg wpid-0310141258a.jpg wpid-0310141255.jpgwpid-0310141321.jpgwpid-0310141315.jpgwpid-0310141308.jpgwpid-0310141256a.jpg  wpid-0310141254a.jpg


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