I Like My Body The Way I Like My Milkshakes.


I’m starting to think being thick isn’t such a bad thing. – Hold the phone, is she serious? – Yes. How can I say it’s a bad thing? Everything about me is thick!

My hair is thick, my skin is thick. My lips and my thighs are thick. I gave up on that thigh touching thing the second I saw it on Twitter.

My skill is thick. My cooking is thick. favorite comforter with the fancy feathers is thick. It just works for me.

I’m starting to realize that some people do find a curvy woman attractive. Plus the fact of the matter is, I have the man. So really, its not about attracting a mate anymore. I have an extremely outgoing personality, of which I make friends easily. (Bear with me, I’m having an epiphany.) I don’t need to be tiny to have a love, friendships, or family and I’m starting to wonder what all the hubbub is I keep making about my body!

I’m actually not that big. Except my thighs – they put the thunder in “thunder thighs”. I’m not exactly in a healthy place right now (Freshman year, sue me). What I would really like to see is, my curves on a healthier version of me. Maybe a little less jiggle and a little more muscle.  But thinking about it now, I don’t think that itty bitty shape would suit me. – Oh no, she didn’t! – Oh yes, she did!


I’m going to quit attacking my bod. I’ve been a curvy little thing since middle school, had lazy years and athletic years, tried hard, and slacked off even harder. It seems no matter what, I’m always going to have thick legs and arms and a waist. Then I got thinking. This is the waist my guy has been hugging since the before we dropped the L word. (Love). What if I took that away? That’s what makes me so hot!


But the same rules apply if I don’t get on the ball with this healthy business. I don’t want to be a balloon and just get bigger and bigger! That’s not the waist he fell in love with! That’s not what I want at all! There’s the age old argument about being thick verses being fat – Well I’m currently on the fast track to being the indisputable definition of fat. No Thanks. Not me.

So please don’t misunderstand – I’m definitely going to keep writing about loosing weight and body image and working out and junk. But let’s be real. I like my milkshakes the way I like my body.


3 thoughts on “I Like My Body The Way I Like My Milkshakes.

  1. You’re hot! Skinny, chunky, lean, mean; women are fierce and fabulous no matter what size. We all just need to learn to love ourselves a little more and tell the media to piss off! 🙂 xo

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