Switchfoot at the Bijou Theater


Let’s talk about the funnest concert I’ve ever been to. Last night Switchfoot came to the Bijou Theater in Knoxville.  These boys put on the most fun show! I only knew like 4 songs, but the ones I knew I absolutely adored. I would have paid the ticket price just to hear those 4 songs live and in such an intimate setting. Luckily, I got so much more!

The Bijou has been around since 1801, so when the lead singer called it one of Knoxville’s “Treasures” he wasn’t kidding. The acoustics were incredible in that room! They only sold first floor tickets, so I would say only 2-3oo people got to experience this show. I guess with a smaller crowd, it was easier for the guys to relax and just play. Singer Jon felt so at home, he went out into the audience and sang. That was before he climbed onto the amplifier and into the balcony. That was a riot to see!

You know your show as a complete success when the audience had as much fun as the musicians. Thanks for coming to Knoxville Switchfoot! Oh – and for bringing the Kopecky Family Band. Can you say, New Favorites? FYI every song sounds better with brass instruments. The Kopecky Family Band and Gabe’s trombone taught me that! Thanks for a great show guys!



sf3 sf4




It’s not a concert without a blurfest of selfies!


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