An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor On Call.


Fruit allergy? Really? People will say anything to avoid eating healthy these days, am I right? Unfortunately people really can be allergic to fruits and veggies. I know. Because I was lucky enough to develop this little gem.

Oral Allergy Syndrome(OAS),  as generic as it sounds, is actually pretty legit. Its different for all people, but here’s the jist. Basically, fresh or ripe produce have a protein that’s very similar to pollen. My body, which is allergic to pollen, then attacks it on sight. And on site. Which means itchy burning lips, gums, and tongue. Even if I just rubbed tomato on my lips, it would set it off. Stupid cross-reactivity!

I know! Could it get any more awesome?


For some people, even fruit based shampoos can set them off. My case is very mild – thank gosh – and really depends on a lot of factors. For example, I had a tasty banana every day all week. On the last day however, I had an OAS reaction. Sometimes I can eat cantaloupe. Sometimes I spend an hour chewing on my lips trying to get the itching to stop. It seems I can always eat watermelon, but I can never eat tomato. This is all maybe two years old, and I really ought to see an allergist to understand the different factors.

I hope to get it checked before the bad symptoms develop. Like – I can deal with itchy lips for a good peach. But once my throat starts swelling, we’re in bad shape. Let’s hope that never happens! Wish me luck! I am bound to figure this OAS out!



4 thoughts on “An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor On Call.

  1. Oh no you poor thing! I’ve a slight sensitivity to tropical fruits like pineapple and kiwi. If I have too much my tongue gets all itchy which is such an odd sensation!

  2. Try eating organic fruite and veggies. I am allergic to a lot of fruit, but I’ve never had a reaction to organic. Turns out I’m allergic to the pesticides sprayed on them. Maybe yours is similiar.

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