Coffee-1, Frugality-0

I know what you’re thinking.

Phoebz, how could you. Didn’t you just say you were going to change your lifestyle to be more frugal and thoughtful with your cash flow? It was right here, C’est la Vie, Frugality. You even blogged about it…Why in Heaven’s name would you spend $6 (plus tax) on a 16 oz cup of coffee. You don’t even like coffee…


I know people. I know. I have completely contradicted myself and am a sad, broke, abomination.

It’s actually a funny story. In February I only worked 9 short shifts at work… the whole month.  I made half as much as I usually make in a 2 week period. (Enter hateful comment about post-Christmas retail life.) The ironic part is, I had $20 unspent left over. So that was good. But wait… Here comes a big dose of Irony #2! Of course the first paycheck of March, which was substantially better… I blew it faster than you can say “I’ll have a Black and White Mocha, no whipped cream.” What’s wrong with me!

What’s the big deal anyway? Well the big deal is – the reason I haven’t moved into an apartment yet is because at home, I don’t have to buy groceries. I don’t have to pay for my showers. I also get a free roof! I wouldn’t mind paying for these things you see. But I really much prefer the idea of traveling the world. This is why I’m such a frugal freak lately. I am not living at home to spend $6 a day on coffee, or girl scout cookies, or skinny jeans. I am living at home so I can afford my dreams.


If I am not gonna put that money towards travel, why am I still at home? Besides the fact that I love my family – but after 18 years, you wanted to get out too am I right? Ugh. Growing up. Someone tell me about it while I sip on this coffee and dream of Brazil.

2 thoughts on “Coffee-1, Frugality-0

  1. Hahahaha I hear you! I’ve just popped myself on a shopping ban after booking my tix to the USA, that means no new clothes, make-up, coffees and lunches out! I try and console myself with the knowledge that I’ll be able to go on a massive Sephora haul LOL! 🙂

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