It Was Only A Matter Of Time Till I Purchased These….


Let’s be really honest people. It was bound to happen. How could you not want these.

Today was the big day. Forget everything I’ve been saying about money the past few days because THIS is what I’ve been saving for. Today, I drove my happy self on down to Ski Scuba Center Knoxville, walked in the door, handed them my card and said, Hook me up.

Now I’m counting down the days until my first dive certification class! I seriously can’t handle my excitement! I’m going to be a scuba diver in really real life. But really – I couldn’t reign in my excitement for that first hour afterwards. So I may have purchased this amazing pink Promate scuba set…

But it was accounted for in the savings plan all along. So this is a good thing. So let’s see those count down dates!

11 days until Dive Training

32 days until my Open Water Checkout Dive at at Philadelphia Quarry

44 days until my college lets out for summer.

53 days until St. Croix, USVI

 ∞ days until I can control my enthusiasm. Cause that will never happen.

 st croix


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