Will House-sit For Pretty Things.

Not to brag. But I got the absolute best “Thanks for House Sitting While We Went To Amsterdam and Barcelona” present.

Basically, I got gorgeous jewelry for sleeping on a memory foam bed and watching Netflix on a Flat Screen. For 5 days. Sign me up for the next vacation!

I live with my folks, so having the house to myself was amazing. I used my time to eat healthy (It helped that they had JUST moved in the week before they left, so the fridge and cabinets were empty. No tempting treats!) I lived off of fruit and tuna salad. It was delicious! They couldn’t have picked a better week to ask me either. It was an intense assignments week. I had two papers due, and 4 tests to prepare for, most of which were due/scheduled for the day after they came home. I had a clean quiet space to focus. No cable yet, no Xbox to distract me, and no chores to do to procrastinate. Everything worked out perfectly.


I mean look at this view from the back porch. You can’t even see the sunset colors in the sky. But it was stunning. I seriously didn’t want to leave when they came home.

wpid-0326141942b.jpg    wpid-0327141421a.jpg

My dear sweet friend brought be back a pendant from a street market in Amsterdam. It’s aqua green but when the light catches it, it looks like there’s a blue light glowing from inside. It’s basically magic. And I can’t believe it came from Europe. I’m so glad my friends had a blast – and I hope they go on many more trips so I can house sit again and get more pretty things!

amsterdam   amsterdamm amsterdammm



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