First Sunburn of Spring!

I ain’t even mad!

Considering it was flurrying the night before last, seeing my sunburn tonight was like a sign from the Gods. We were blessed with a beautiful weather from sun up to sun down. Not overcast,  not windy, not chilly. 76 sunny degrees all day. I couldn’t have asked for a better day off.

We couldn’t not take the Spitfire out for a drive. We always have a blast out with the top down just cruising. Usually we ride around with no particular place to go, but this time we had a plan. Visiting a friend, swinging by Target, and Lunch. But not just any lunch, lunch out on the patio over the river at my favorite restaurant.

wpid-0331141510b.jpg wpid-0331141510.jpg

All that being said, we spent some time out in the car, and never once did I consider that I had hours of raw sunlight beating on my pasty winter skin. The good news is, the sun was shining long enough to get a little burn! After not seeing a bright side for 5 months, I am having no trouble finding a bright side now!




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