That Brooding Model Type


And here we see the budding model channeling her inner Tyra Banks.

Ok you got me, I’m not exactly a super model in training, but if I’m ever dealt that hand, I’ll take it! I kinda like this, brooding-grownup look I’ve got here. I was waiting for the perfect moment to share this little jewel, and my dear friend Rosie at AREDLIPANDANUDESHOE happened to inspire me! She just posted a Graffiti Wall OOTD and you know me, just following the crowd.


This one was actually my favorite from that shoot. Rocky Caughron did an amazing job making me look good, can I get an Amen? I think I love the lip pop against that rose and coat.

As much as I want to say I hate to pack up this coat, I’m Thrilled! It’s finally warming up in Knoxy and we are all beyond ready! Time to pack up the sweaters and boots! I’m stuck in no man’s land with everything I own right now in laundry baskets in my floor. All my summer favs have gotten all mixed in with my winter favs.  I’ll get around to sorting them one of these days, and by one of these days I mean when exams quick sucking up my time like a vortex of doom. So. Don’t you dare mention any wrinkles in my future OOTD posts. Ain’t no body got time for that! But I digress,

I do love me some graffiti photoshoots. Never done it? You should try it! Being in city means you can do whatever you want with your surroundings. Like this guy. I would take some shots with him anytime.

Unfortunately kids, my anthropology homework is calling. So on that note, I leave you. Happy Hump Day!


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