Ad Of The Week: Taco Bell & the Ronalds.

Shut the Front Door.
If you follow me on Facebook you know I completely flipped my lid last week seeing the new Taco Bell commercial! That’s right kids. It’s the Ad of the Week!

Let me first remind you all, I am a budding advertising student who’s entirely to passionate for her own good. I am a self proclaimed commercial fanatic. There’s nothing like being passionate about your future and knowing it’s exactly where you belong. I don’t know when I developed an eye for marketing details, but I’ve always been amazed. I know I’m a freak, but I’m the freak that will talk you into buying that brand of Dog food. (Funny story for another day!)

But on to the Commercial of the Week. Taco Bell teamed up with a ballsy Ad Company for their launch of their morning menu. The only two I’m familiar with are the AM Crunchwrap and the Waffle Taco. (‘Merica… Truck Yeah…)
In the ad, they ask various Ronald McDonalds across the country about the new menu.

Just stop and absorb the awesome. That takes some guts. I especially love how McDonald’s couldn’t do ANYTHING about it except give us free coffee for a few weeks. Thanks guys!



2 thoughts on “Ad Of The Week: Taco Bell & the Ronalds.

  1. Hi, i recently created four ads for a ad campaign and need some help telling me which ad is the best and out of the three similar ads, which one has the best font. The ads are on my home page labels “#ItsRudeToStare” Thanks for your help.

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