Dive Training Shots

To be so honest, I just wanted to brag about how much cooler I am than you. Scuba Training was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had! I could write all day about it, but I thought I would just share pictures instead! But feel free to ask questions! I’m trying to hard not to be like Howard from Big Bang when he came back from space. I literally have made every sentence for the past 2 days about how I can breathe underwater now… So I’m sparing you, trust me! Instead, Just look with your special eyes.


IMGP0058 IMGP0070 IMGP0069

IMGP0084IMGP0088  IMGP0093 IMGP0081IMGP0076IMGP0078 IMGP0095

All these were taken by my Pentax Optio-wg1 Camera. It’s basically Phoebe-Proof. Water, Shock, Dust, and Freeze Proof! So far it’s living up to my expectations! Plus it’s so stinking cool looking! Gotta l0ve Pentax for making a camera that can handle this life!


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