Rossini Festival Knoxville #RossiniRocks

Ain’t No Party Like a Knoxville Party, Cause A Knoxville Party Don’t Stop.

Luckily, working in Market Square gives me a front row seat to the biggest events in Knoxville. Legitimately, all I have to do is walk out my shop door and I’m in the center of the chaos. Beautiful wonderful chaos. Today’s chaos happened to be the biggest festival of the year, the Rossini Festival. It’s just a gigantic street fair down the 2 busiest blocks in the city. The good news is, most of the money goes to support the Opera. How classy are we? The bad news is, that’s a TON of people, so it’s not for the faint of heart or the claustrophobic.

So after work, I elbowed my way through the crowd playing blogger so I could snag some pictures for you guys! It was 800 degrees though, so I only snapped enough on the way to my car… (yes, I did have to fight that to get to my car, but I’d say it was worth it don’t you?)

The Crowd:

wpid-0412141358.jpg wpid-0412141358b.jpg

A few performers:

wpid-0412141518c.jpg wpid-0412141518e.jpg wpid-0412141407b.jpg wpid-0412141406c.jpg wpid-0412141406e.jpg  Opera wpid-0412141519a.jpg


A few vendors:

wpid-0412141400.jpg wpid-0412141400a.jpg wpid-0412141401a.jpg wpid-0412141401b.jpg wpid-0412141403.jpg

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